Bob Marshall, Dick Black Write Pres. Jeff Bezos on Haymarket Facility

Letter to Amazon Exec Jeff Bezos

Dear Friends:

On Monday Senator Dick Black and I sent a letter via email and fax to President, Jeff Bezos, asking him to reconsider the location of his data center in Haymarket, Virginia. The current location is in rural crescent area of Prince William County and will require Dominion Power to build a Transmission Power line through neighborhoods in the Haymarket area.

As a result we have asked Mr. Bezos to work with Prince William County to find an alternative location like the Innovation @ Prince William site which already has the necessary power infrastructure for data centers. Alternately, if they want to stay at their current location we have asked them to work with Dominion Power to ensure that the proposed underground line along I-66 is the route chosen for the necessary power supply.

In addition, I have requested legislation to require that in the future data centers like this are built only in areas where there is existing infrastructure to keep something like this from occurring again.

I am strongly in support of businesses like Amazon locating in Virginia but we need to ensure that we also protect the property values and quality of life of our citizens.

The Washington Business Journal has written an article about the letter we sent and you can see a copy of the letter we sent there.


Delegate Bob Marshall

The Innovation @ Prince William technology park has largely been a bust to date, but it would be an ideal location for something along the lines of the Amazon data center which would in turn bring in more high-profile companies with good paying jobs.


One thought on “Bob Marshall, Dick Black Write Pres. Jeff Bezos on Haymarket Facility

  1. Once again, Bob Marshall has taken the lead in representing the only special interest to whom he is indebted – his constituents. Good for him, and for us.

    It is unfortunate that events to this point were not conducted in the full light of day, avoiding hardship and hard feelings on all sides. Hopefully, newly elected and more recently elected conservatives to the Board will work to bring the necessary transparency to PWC government that is currently sorely missing.

    Since Amazon’s owner also owns the Washington Post, it would seem that pursuing that local/national news and opinion outlet with this story might be effective. I suspect that, at minimum, a lot of Washington Post subscribers in PWC and the immediate affected area might want to express their thoughts on the matter.

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