Candland’s Press Release explains his decision … worth a read





“I will be endorsing and actively campaigning for candidates in races, even if it means against a sitting Supervisor.” – Candland




Candland Announces Plans for 2015

GAINESVILLE, VA — Supervisor Pete Candland (R-GV) held a conference call on Wednesday evening with several dozen supporters to announce his intent to seek re-election as the Supervisor to the Gainesville Magisterial District in the upcoming 2015 elections, and to defer challenging incumbent Chairman Corey Stewart for the Chairman At-Large seat.  Here are some excerpts from Supervisor Candland’s statement to supporters:

“I have been honored to serve for the past three years as the Supervisor representing the more than 60,000 constituents in the Gainesville Magisterial District. I look forward to continuing to honor their trust in seeking re-election in 2015 for a second term on the Board of County Supervisors.

“It has been gratifying to receive the outpouring of support by so many citizens across the County encouraging me to run for Chairman of the Board. I believe it’s an affirmation of the work that I have done so far to restrain the growth in County spending, reduce taxes to provide relief for families, increase transparency on the Board, and to work to improve the quality of life for every family in Prince William County.”

“We currently have one of the highest tax rates in the region, we have the largest average class sizes in the Commonwealth, underpaid teachers, congested roads that deprive workers of valuable time with their families, and an addiction to spending that has overburdened taxpayers.  My goal is to continue to build a coalition on the Board that will enact fiscally responsible policies that are needed to reprioritize our spending and stop the out-of-control tax increases.”

“While I will be running for re-election to represent the citizens of the Gainesville District, I will be working across the county to elect good candidates to serve on the Board of County Supervisors to build that coalition that is so desperately needed to protect and preserve the future of Prince William County. I will be endorsing and actively campaigning for candidates in races, even if it means against a sitting Supervisor.”

“I express my sincere appreciation for all the support that the citizens of the Gainesville District have provided to me, and I will continue to work hard to represent them and earn their trust.”

Pete Candland came onto the Prince William County political scene by filling the seat left vacant by former Gainesville Supervisor John Stirrup.  Since being elected, Candland has made news by eliminating the Supervisor’s discretionary funds, reforming the County proffer system, focusing efforts to reduce class sizes, leading the fight against the Bi-County Parkway, reducing the County’s carryover budget and fighting for greater transparency and accountability for the Board of Supervisors.

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