It’s Time to Focus Virginia (Part II) From PWC GOP Chairman Bill Card



Part I drew criticism for my tone and style as well as the assault on talk radio.  However I feel compelled after Tuesday’s vote for Speaker of the House of Representatives to once again try and focus friends, conservatives (actual and not-so-much), Republicans, and sometime friends of Republicans.


Let me be clear.  I am not about to defend Congressman John Boehner (R) of Ohio’s 8th Congressional District.  He just got 216 of 408 votes cast.  He won.  It wasn’t even close.  Incidentally Ohio’s 8th District put him on the ballot with 71.5% of the vote in the primary and in his Congressional seat with 67.2% of the vote in the general election.  He doesn’t need my help.


But my point isn’t that he is or is not a great guy, it’s that he is irrelevant to me as a Virginian.  Once again we allowed ourselves to boil the proverbial ocean and now I see angst at the result.  We lost ourselves to Boehner Derangement Syndrome (BDS).  More dangerously, we in Northern Virginia were foolishly out of focus with a real election going on.


One of our local House of Delegates members was trying to inspire folks to call their Congressmen to demand that they vote against John Boehner.  It’s ironic to note that the morning of this vote you wouldn’t have caught Congresswoman Barbara Comstock in her new office yet.  She was shivering in the cold at the polls trying to help elect Republican Craig Parisot to retain the seat she had vacated in Virginia’s House of Delegates.  So our ardent Republican Delegate will sit down in this session with a democrat holding the seat previously held by Barbara Comstock.  Would that he could have focused on what was important in those closing hours.


How much better would it have been for Virginians to have focused their effort on getting out the vote for Craig Parisot who lost by just over 300 votes?  This is what I mean by focus, focus, focus.  Instead of sitting on hold on the Congressional switchboard, people could have been influencing their friends and neighbors to go out and vote to keep the 34th District seat in Republican control.


I’m sorry but it comes down to what is or isn’t political activism.  What is or isn’t an effective use of our individual time.  In truth the ideological difference between Congressmen Boehner and Gomert is not significant though I would grant you that the tactics they may (or may not) employ might be different.    However let me tell you that the ideological difference between Craig Parisot and his opponent is manifestly different and we are about to find that out.  So what is an effective use of our time?  And what would provide the biggest bang for our buck?  I hope the answer is obvious.


As for talk radio, I wasn’t listening on Monday night; I was in a public meeting that included two candidates for office in 2015.  However I would surmise that the air was being whipped up to drive people to the phones to call their respective Congressman to oppose John Boehner.  Again – I don’t care what your view on the Boehner issue is – we had an election on Tuesday.  You, me, and all of Virginia would have been better served to call folks in Virginia’s 34th District to get them out on Tuesday and vote.  I’ve listened to a lot of talk radio – believe me – but I’ve never heard any of these hosts say “Okay, now you know why we need conservatives in office, now turn off your radio and get to work.”  I don’t know where the “bunker” is – but wouldn’t it be the ultimate in irony to find out is was in Virginia’s 34th House of Delegates District?


Perhaps I’ve said it crudely, or assaulted favored icons – but we are taking our collective eyes off the ball.  The democrats aren’t beating us, we’re beating ourselves.  It might be more fun to give a Hill staffer an earful than it would be banging on your neighbor’s door to ask for their vote – but I can tell you which one is ultimately more effective.



5 thoughts on “It’s Time to Focus Virginia (Part II) From PWC GOP Chairman Bill Card

  1. Bill Card hit it out of the ball park once again. This is what happens when you have a committee chair on the ground, working for candidates, talking to real people (not party activists) and LEARNING what works in electing candidates and growing the base. Notice i did not say growing the PARTY. Committee members do not win elections. The kind of raw numbers we just saw in Jeanine Lawson’s election WIN elections and represent a connection to those real people, VOTERS you will not find sitting in a committee meeting or tuning into Rush. Bill sees this real time folks, not listening to the radio on his way to and from work. A decade ago in a Democratic county, we started with 12 supporters and have grown it into literally thousands by standing at doors and attending every community event year long and have turned around 20 years of spending by our Dem electeds BUT it is never the Democrats who want stop the growth in the conservative base here. The last “activist” who packed up and went back to NOVA, lived in a district in Caroline for three years where the Dem supervisor raised his taxes every single year and gave a gift of five million dollars to a YMCA of public tax money and he never blinked an eye. He railed on our committee for Obamacare and Eric Cantor( we were not even in the 7th). Listen to Bill Card, build it from the ground up using conservative supervisors and delegates and I guarantee you the ripple will roll right up to DC. .

  2. Nice piece Bill, thank you for continually ringing the bell on our ground efforts in NOVA. One thing I don’t necessarily agree with is that the Speaker of the House doesn’t matter to Virginians. It does matter to me, and while I agree that we need to feed conservatives from the bottom up – we also need to keep our eye on Leadership and our electeds in Washington. I am not happy with Boehner and expressed my opinion on the matter, but I took some time to remind voters (in a special election, on a snowy day) to make it to the polls this past Tuesday. I also spent 2 hours at the polls, and I know many people worked all day as poll watchers and driving people to vote. It does not take a lot of time to send texts and emails and I can’t help but think that if we would all adopt the “personal touch” in these special elections we would have different turn outs. I did the minimum, others did far more – we need to learn from these folks. You are one of these folks Bill, so thank you.

    I too read all the outrage over the Boehner election on social media, and while I “felt their pain” – the pain of sending Kathleen Murphy to Richmond is just as sharp. I live in the 34th so this loss is very troubling to me, and it should be to every Republican in NOVA.

    Kathleen Murphy will be typical, liberal/leftist representation in Richmond. If you love Gerry Connelly and John Foust, you will love Kathleen Murphy. I hope we can mount a challenge to her in November, whether it is Craig or another candidate. Craig was a very optimistic candidate with a great staff, he came up short but it was not for lack of hard work and effort. Let’s make Murphy’s time in elected office as short as possible, an 11 month term sounds good to me. Stemming the liberal tide from east to west in the 10th should be our number one priority up here in NOVA – but I do think we can walk and chew gum at the same time by keeping our eyes on DC.

    Thanks for all you do Bill, it is appreciated out here in Loudoun and beyond.

  3. My friend PWC GOP Chairman Bill Card nails it yet again ! For those fixated on Boiling the Ocean every week, or Storming the Beaches of Normandy without a plan, might I suggest you give Bill’s piece a read. If after reading this you still feel that wearing goofy hats and marching in circles with hand painted signs is the best way for you to move the needle then by all means do so. If it is your belief that bitching and moaning is the best way to effect change, might I suggest you take a serious look at other approaches. Ask the Bill Cards in our movement how you can make a difference as opposed to noise.

    Thanks again Bill Card for your wisdom, leadership, and willingness to be a voice for those of us dedicated to making a difference.

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