Chris Winslow for Chesterfield Supervisor

A few days ago, long time Chesterfield Supervisor Art Warren announced he will not seek a 7th term representing the Clover Hill District on the Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors. Art has devoted several decades to public service, including working for the Virginia Department of Emergency Services, and anyone who knows him knows he will always be on the lookout for new ways to serve his community.

Running for the seat with Art’s endorsement is Chris Winslow, a 35 year-old husband, father, attorney who co-owns his own small business, Navy veteran, homeowner, and local activist who represents the Clover Hill District on Chesterfield County’s Committee on the Future and has served as President of his Rotary Club. In addition to his activities in the community, he is a leader on the Chesterfield County Republican Committee, having served for several years as the Committee’s Vice-Chairman for Special Projects. Having known Chris for many years, I can say with total confidence that his a leader Chesterfield County needs to help lead us into the future, and I’m proud to give him my support.

Chris’s top priorities include:

1. Instituting zero-based budgeting in Chesterfield County, so that each county department has to justify the amount of money they request, rather than simply relying on “last year’s” numbers.

2. Closely examining Chesterfield County’s budget to eliminate wasteful spending so that Chesterfield families are not faced with increased property taxes.

3. Adopting favorable tax, zoning, and regulatory policies so that businesses will want to locate in Chesterfield County.

4. Working with the Chesterfield County School Board to give parents as much control over their children’s education as possible.

5. Fully supporting Chesterfield’s courageous public safety offices.

Because it’s been 24 years since this has been an open seat, it is very likely that there are a large number of possible candidates considering running. However, I am proud to support the one candidate who has already stepped forward, and who has demonstrated his leadership skills and his commitment to providing Chesterfield County with sound, conservative, Republican leadership as the county continues to grow and change, Chris Winslow.