King is in; York is out; Buona and others “assessing risk”

Longtime political activist and Leesburg attorney, Charles King announced his intention to seek the Republican nomination for the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors.
Within hours of Leesburg Today breaking the news of King’s candidacy, current Chairman Scott York, who had already announced his intentions to seek reelection, dropped out of the race.
Although many people were surprised, the political reality is just this simple: “York has no real base in the local party and he knows it,” say party sources who declined to be named, “insiders knew that Scott could not sustain an intra-party challenge.”
Ralph Buona, Vice President of Telos Corp and first-term Supervisor from Ashburn, is said to be “taking the weekend to consider a run” himself, now that York has backed-out.  But for Buona, party-watchers note that this is a high-risk move, giving up a super solid seat in Ashburn where is popular and unlikely to be challenged, to run in a primary against a well-liked, highly respected, long-time party guy like King and then (if he prevails) face a tough general election against attractive and articulate Phyllis Randall.
Buona isn’t known to be a risk-taker and he clearly likes being on the Board, how he decides to proceed will be interesting.