Supervisor Nohe has a primary challenger ….. PWC 2015

Supervisor Marty Nohe has drawn his first primary opponent of the 2015 election season. Business owner Paul O’Meara who has been speaking about running for the last few months, made it official with the following press release.

Marty Nohe  a tireless campaigner has yet to officially announce his intentions.





O’Meara  Announces  Candidacy  as  the  Coles  District  Supervisor     Coles  District,  VA  –  Native  Prince  William  County  resident,  Paul  O’Meara,  announced   today  that  he  is  seeking  the  position  of  Coles  District  Supervisor.    The  local   businessman  has  been  an  out-­‐spoken  advocate  for  the  taxpayers  of  Prince  William   County  in  recent  years  during  public  transportation  meetings  and  Board  of  County   Supervisors  Meetings.     When  reached  for  comment,  Coles  District  Supervisor  Candidate,  Paul  O’Meara  said,

“I  have  grown  increasingly  concerned  with  the  trajectory  of  spending  in  County   government.

Given  the  current  state  of  our  economy  and  the  hardships  families   continue  to  face,  I  fear  the  current  Board  is  out-­‐of-­‐touch  with  those  who  have   elected  them.    We  have  one  of  the  highest  tax  rates  in  our  region,  while  our   classrooms  and  roads  continue  to  be  overcrowded.”     Paul  O’Meara  has  been  exploring  a  run  for  several  months  and  has  spent  time   talking  with  Coles  District  residents.

Candidate  O’Meara  has  found,  “the  following   concerns  are  prevalent  across  the  Coles  District:  overcrowded  classrooms,   underpaid  teachers,  clogged  transportation  corridors,  a  lack  of  living-­‐wage  jobs  here   in  the  county,  an  explosion  of  residential  development  without  the  necessary   supporting  infrastructure,  and  rising  real  estate  taxes.”     Asked  to  address  some  of  his  solutions  for  such  a  wide  array  of  problems,  Coles   District  Candidate,  Paul  O’Meara  said,  “I  will  be  running  on  a  comprehensive   platform  to  work  with  the  School  Board  to  reset  spending  priorities,  reform  our   development  process,  and  reform  County  government  while  alleviating  the  tax   burden  placed  on  home  owners.

Additionally  I  would  invite  folks  to  visit  my   website  at  to  learn  more  about  my  campaign”.


Paul  O’Meara  was  born  and  raised  in  Prince  William  County,  graduating  from  C.D.   Hylton  High  School  and  George  Mason  University  with  a  B.A.  in  Government  and   International  Politics.    Currently,  Paul  is  the  Vice-­‐President  of  a  family-­‐owned   business  that  was  founded  in  Prince  William  County  in  1973.    Paul  is  a  member  of   the  Chamber  of  Commerce  and  a  past  Trustee  of  Sudley  United  Methodist  Church.

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