Corey, Fool Me Once, Shame on You…Fool Me Twice…Shame on Me


2015 is here.  As we shake off the holidays, take down the decorations, and bundle up to keep warm, many of us will contemplate New Year’s Resolutions for a new “Me” which will be an improvement over last year’s “me.”  Did you know that health clubs and fitness centers have the highest enrollment in January?  If you haven’t received the mailers yet, you will.  Perfectly toned 20-somethings waiting to help you become the “you” you are meant to be.


And as 2015 rolls on, it appears that PWC’s Chairman-at-Large, Corey Stewart is also looking to improve over 2011-14 Corey.  2015 is a time for him to get back to his conservative roots, deliver fiery orations at town halls, and vote down Stone Haven to prove to everyone that Conservative Corey is back!  Heck, he even took the stage with Mr. Candland AND Mrs. Lawson at the Town Hall to show everyone how he is in lock-step with the two reigning conservatives in PWC and even told the crowd of 1,000+ that “Hey, we do actually get along” (insert nervous laugh at end of sentence).

Yes, Chairman Stewart has found his soul once again….or so it would seem.  And it’s working!  The Derecho blog pointed out on 14 January, that ” Chairman Stewart spoke passionately in opposition to Dominion’s proposal and for a brief few moments reminded me of the Occoquan Supervisor I once supported in his battles with Chairman Connaughton.  Time will tell whether the new/old Corey has any staying power but it was refreshing, at least for the evening.”

1 down…a few more to go..

But…something just doesn’t add up…

Corey clenched his fist in opposition to Dominion Power and promised to do anything in the county’s power to stop them from harming the Rural Crescent.  He even relayed that he had signed into law a provision that purchased land by the county which cannot be seized by immanent domain by Dominion Power.  Applause erupted…but this law doesn’t seem to actually stop the power lines.  I digress…when asked about possible solutions and changing the zoning, Stewart said a current BOCS cannot undo former BOCS decision. It’s the law.  Or the county would have to pay a penalty.

Wait, what?  Well how much is the penalty?  Corey had no answer.  This is ok.  Nobody has all answers, but he didn’t offer to find out and nobody called him out on it, because…I can only surmise…this is the new and improved Corey. Conservative Corey who has the back of the people!

But then…Corey became Chameleon Corey.  Changing when nobody is looking, or sometimes even when they are, and voted on the 14th at the 2PM BOCS session to spend 12.1 Million dollars (MILLION!) to bury power lines on a one mile stretch of road.  This writer does not know how much it would have cost the county in a penalty, but I will wager good money and Corey’s seat that 12 MILLION would have paid the fine AND bought the parcel back from the company-who-shall-not-be-named (Amazon) for a profit if needed and pointed them to Innovation Park.

So, now we are back to Costly Corey (this now officially reminds me of the Paranoid Rob Lowe commercials).  The guy who argued for the 1.158 tax rate INCREASE (~6% to you and me) and trotted out all of his democratic allies last April to support it.  The guy who spends and spends and spends so he can tax and tax and tax.  Because why?  Because nobody likes to be told they don’t get their stuff.  And not getting stuff loses votes.  So Costly Corey raises the taxes and redistributes our money for votes.

 All this to say, I will not be fooled twice.


One thought on “Corey, Fool Me Once, Shame on You…Fool Me Twice…Shame on Me

  1. You won’t be fooled twice? You’re kidding right? You already have been. Who are you going to vote for in November, Rick Smith? Corey has taken Republicans in PWC to the cleaners since August 2007, when he gave up “the good fight” by supposedly picking up the mantle of illegal immigrant crusader. Sure, he used that to get the votes then and now but he really couldn’t care less about it. He needs it just get the votes. He has, since 2007, sold off the County to the developers by collecting $760,000+ in campaign contributions from them to run for Lt. Gov. in 2008, 2012 and he is again doing it now for 2016. I said in 2011 he wasn’t running for re-election, he was running for Lt. Gov. I was proved right. And he’s doing it again. Mark my words, Corey Stewart is running for Lt. Gov. in 2016. And he’s laughing all the way to the bank as he deposits his developer contributions, repays them by getting their tax negative housing developments passed and tells bold faced lies to the lemmings who grovel at his feet “Oh Corey, you’re so wonderful”. He tells them what they want to hear and walks to re-election. When the hell are Republicans going to realize this guy is the PWC version of Jonathan Gruber? I’ve tried and been mocked, scoffed at and vilified for it. But everything I said in 2011 turned out to be true (shocking!) and everything he said in 2011 turned out to be lies (again, shocking!), Republicans don’t have a candidate for Chair in 2015. So, as I asked, who are you going to vote for?

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