Woodbridge has a Republican Candidate for Supervisor

With the announcement from Terrence Boulden that he would not be a candidate for Supervisor, Republican Lee Price steps up to the plate to take on  the king of  spend Frank Principi . V.V obtained a copy of his not yet officially released press release:



Lee Price Announces Run for

Woodbridge Supervisor


“Woodbridge needs a leader who will pay attention to detail, and who will work to increase jobs, opportunities, not just focus solely on raising taxes”  – Lee Price


Woodbridge, VA – Area businessman, Lee Price, announced today his intention to run for the Woodbridge District Supervisor seat on the Prince William Board of County Supervisors citing strong citizen disapproval with the direction of Prince William County in its tax and spending policies.


“The citizens of Woodbridge spoke clearly on their views of the ever increasing taxes in the recent ORC poll commissioned by the County, with 86% of citizens not wanting to see another huge tax increase.  Those are the families I will represent on the Board of County Supervisors.  The current Woodbridge supervisor, Frank Principi, is obsessively focused on representing a very small group of only 11% of constituents who want to see taxes increased to expand the size of government – ignoring the plight of hard-working Woodbridge families who are unfairly punished by tax increases every year”, Price emphasized.


Price outlined his priorities for the 2015 campaign by stating he will oppose the double-digit tax increases supervisor Principi champions, and will vote to refocus County spending to the core services it should be providing.  “We need to focus on protecting our homes and communities with adequate public safety resources, reducing classroom overcrowding in our schools and reducing gridlock on our roads”, said Price


Price said he will ask voters to look at the abysmal record of the incumbent supervisor, pointing out that over the past four years, Principi has voted to increase taxes every year to grow the bureaucracy of County government.  Worse, Principi actually pushed to dramatically increase taxes even beyond that which was finally approved in each of those budget votes.


Recently a heated controversy arose relating to a missed requirement tied to the Route 1 widening project within the Belmont Bay area.  Apparently this missed improvement was due to Mr. Principi’s lack of consideration and inattentiveness to potential impacts of the Route 1 widening on his constituents.  When this was pointed out (at the eleventh hour) by local citizens, Mr. Principi went scrambling to find any available funding to mitigate. Obviously the only money available at the time was the County’s Reserve funds.




The cost of this particular oversight cost the tax payer approximately $12 mil. “This situation put numerous individuals (PWC residents and Supervisors) at odds with each other and could have been totally avoided/prevented if this requirement had been identified, planned, budgeted and vetted early and properly,” says Price. “Furthermore, how many additional requirements similar to this are lying in wait?”


Price vowed to ensure that situations like this (i.e. raiding county coffers earmarked for specific things to bailout poorly planned projects), will not happen under my watch.  “Funding lines are justified and established for a reason. Specifically, the County Reserve fund was setup for true emergencies,” says Price. “Principi had an opportunity early on to meet with his constituents and discuss their needs towards finding a way to meet them. If this situation had been handled correctly there would have been little to no fallout.”


Lee Price is a fiscally conservative candidate who is running for the Woodbridge District Supervisor seat. He lives with his family in Woodbridge and is currently serving on the Master HOA Board of Directors (Potomac Club, located directly across from Wegmans and the Town Center) which has an annual budget of over $2.2 million. He is in his fifth year and has served two years as President.


Mr. Price recently retired with over 33 years of Federal Department of Defense (DoD) service, with 30 years within the Information Technology (IT) field. Throughout his federal career he worked equal durations for the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Army, and the last 15 years as a senior IT manager. He has spent considerable amount of time working with individuals and organizations, and solving/resolving critical budgetary issues. Mr. Price received multiple awards for excellent civilian service including several Commanders Awards for exemplary Service. Mr. Price also served 20 years as a Deacon for his church. He was educated at the University of Texas, San Antonio (UTSA) with a background in computer science, business data systems, math, and economics.


Mr. Price is also an Eagle Scout and is currently a Realtor with Berkshire Hathaway. He is also employed as the Vice President of Business Operations for GINIA Inc; a local Northern Virginia Management Consulting firm.


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  1. A little advice for Lee, don’t harp all day about the power lines being buried. The people of Woodbriddge are already tired of that song and the majority of them supported it in the first place.

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