Attack of the Moderates, Part 1

Boy, for people who supposedly pride themselves on temperamental moderation, the establishment moderates sure are coming out swinging lately, eh?

First, noted liberal Republican Lynn Mitchell takes issue with conservatives and populists. Apparently content to continue losing national election after national election, Mitchell recently pondered the quandary of being able to nominate two-time loser and father of nationalized healthcare Mitt Romney, or plutocratic scion and tax hike and amnesty advocate Jeb Bush. With Faustian choices like that, indeed it’s a wonder the Republicans ever lose!

Next, she takes it upon herself to eviscerate any conservative who dared challenge House Speaker John Boehner.

Now, to be clear, Boehner is a fellow Bengals fan and Cincinnati guy- so I looked for reasons to like him. And he is a personable, likeable guy.

But herein is the issue.

Boehner’s closeness to Capitol Hill lobbyists had always aroused suspicion; his reluctance to take a stand against Obamacare, Common Core or amnesty confirmed those suspicions. But what happened in the lame duck session in 2014 really sealed his image among conservatives.

Thumbing his nose at the American peoples’ clear vote for change, Boehner rammed through an Omnibus spending bill in the lame duck- a bad bill so imbalanced, it nearly failed the rules vote and required ½ the Democrats’ support ultimately to pass.

This bill spent too much, cut nothing, and notably did not take a stand against Obamacare or amnesty while maintaining funding for common core. Why would any “conservative” vote for this? Because his lobbyist masters commanded it. You see, there would be virtually no chance Boehner could have gotten such a bill through a new Congress packed with conservatives. So, knowing he could not get such a big-government bill through without Democrat support, he made a metaphorical pact with the devil to get this appeasement through while the Dems would be at their strongest and conservatives at their weakest.

As an added bonus, Boehner carved out a special-interest exemption from Dodd-Frank regulations for some Wall Street banks. Now, while the bill as a whole is a failure and needs to go, it should be repealed as a whole- not by special interest carveout where some firms still must abide those onerous laws and some must not.

Granted this cave-in and payback to corporate interests, is it any wonder conservatives revolted?

Boehner showed that the Republican Party stands for corruption, cronyism, and big government. Apparently Ms. Mitchell likes that- and agrees, calling it “commonsense conservatism”. The rest of us might call it “statism”, “Democrat”, “liberal”, “unwise”, or any one of a number of things- but probably not “conservative”, of any stripe.

The Republican party that Ms. Mitchell supports does not exist- not should it. Her own previous support for tax hikes, big government, and corruption (in the person of her blind support for convicted felon Bob McDonnell) paint the picture of a party that is clearly a part of the problem instead of the solution, holding unpopular positions that would make it both indistinguishable from Democrats and unpalatable to voters.

Mitchell’s support of the largest tax hike in Virginia history and excuses for former Governor McDonnell’s misdeeds remove any cogent rationale for the party to exist, if she got her way.