The race to replace Senator Watkins is starting to take shape, with former Richmond City Council member Bruce Tyler positioning himself as a moderate to challenge liberty-minded State Central Committee member Steve Thomas from Richmond City.

For those not familiar, Bruce Tyler was a Republican member of Richmond City Council (1st District) until he was beaten by conservative Democrat Jon Baliles, son for former Gov. Gerald Baliles (D). Tyler had positioned himself as the moderate in that race.

Why is this relevant?

Baliles beat Tyler, in part, because of the “$316,000 alley“.

You see, it seems that Tyler steered $316,000 to create a “green alley” in the one behind his house, while Richmond City roads suffered (as anyone who has driven in the City could attest to).

Quoeth Baliles:

“If you look at it, it looks like the Taj Mahal of alleys”

“I do support green alleys. I don’t support green alleys that cost [$316,000],”

That’s right, the Democrat was able to out-conservative the Republican because of cronyistic spending by the incumbent, who was bounced from office.

Ironically, Tyler and Baliles are both rumored to now be aiming for the Watkins seat in the State Senate. Also running is Thomas (NO RELATION to yours truly), who is running on a fiscal conservative, liberty-minded platform.

If Tyler got out-conservatived by Baliles and couldn’t beat him in Richmond, why would something any different come to pass in the state senate race?

Steve Thomas has hit the ground running and put together a crack campaign team. Find out more at steve2015.com.


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  1. Pretty sure Baliles already ruled out a run. Looks like Democrats are likely to nominate Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors member Dan Gecker.

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