PWC In No Hurry To Get New Businesses Open

Prince William County is infamous for being a terrible place for new businesses to get started (unless you are a home builder with a treasury full of potential campaign contributions) as I have previously detailed here, here and here. Well, right next to the Sweet Frog frozen yogurt shop I wrote about in my post from 2013 there is a new Indian restaurant called Curry in a Hurry and it has suffered even greater regulatory delays at the hands of the county. In fact, it has become such a joke in my community that a topic was started on our HOA online forum called “Curry (not) in a Hurry.”

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Good news, Curry in a Hurry opened this week.  According to the owner they were ready to open eight months ago but were held up by the county.  That’s what I figured was happening.  Regardless, they are open now and I had some very tasty curried goat yesterday.

Whether you have a taste for curried goat or not (and I fall into the latter category myself), it is unconscionable that the county can delay the opening of a business for such an extended length of time on account of bureaucracy and regulatory red tape. These are small businesses that people have sunk their savings into starting, whether from scratch or by purchasing a franchise. How they can continue to survive financially without a source of income from their business can only be chalked up to being a testament to their determination to succeed.

In this case, they were paying rent on space for at least a year going back to when they first started to renovate it. I’m sure that they had no idea Prince William County would delay their opening by a period of time longer than it took to actually build out the space and ready it for opening. If their problems were anything akin to their next door neighbor Sweet Frog, the issues that kept them from opening were just downright stupid and would not have impacted the health or safety of employees or customers.

The regulatory climate in PWC is downright onerous and until someone does something about it, businesses will rightfully continue to pass it by for friendlier places such as Loudoun and Stafford counties.


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  1. What is the solution? Obviously the entire board (Dems. Repubs and RINOs) are all at fault here. Maybe the problem is that none of them has ever run a small business before and they are all a bunch of lawyers, politicians and PTA soccer moms, who have zero real world knowledge?

  2. The County is overrun by the big boxes and national chains. It becomes impossible for small businesses to survive in this environment, although there is one small exception in my neighborhood – Joe’s American Diner is booming on the Parkway next to Emeritus……

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