Austin Haynes releases his first round of endorsements for Clerk of the Court

Candidate Austin Haynes today released his first round of impressive endorsements in his quest to become Prince William Counties next Clerk of the Court :

29 Jan 2015

It is my great honor to announce my first set of endorsements in my quest to become Clerk of the Circuit Court for the 31st Judicial Circuit. After Mayor Hal Parrish endorsed me during his speech tonight at the Manassas Republican Committee Meeting, I had the pleasure to announce the following endorsements:

Mayor Hal Parrish
Council Member Marc Aveni
Council Member Ian Lovejoy
Council Member Jonathan Way
Council Member Sheryl Bass
Council Member Mark Wolfe

In addition I have the endorsement of Delegate Jackson Miller.

Plus I am very pleased to have been notified I have received the endorsement of Virginia Virtucon. I thank their editorial board for the honor. I will be announcing additional endorsements over the next couple of weeks.

Thank you

We are making great strides in our attempt to bring professional and fiscally responsible management to the Clerk’s office. With your help we will bring a new positive atmosphere to the office. Please vote on April 25th for Austin Haynes.

authorized by Friends of Austin Haynes and approved by the Candidate





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  1. What about Michelle McQuigg? She has responsibly won elections at several levels and has done a decent job at each. Although I am a strong Democrat, I believe Michelle has earned your support……………..don’t you guys like women?? HOHOHOHOHO

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