The Virginia Conservative Network – What is it really about?

When Eric Cantor “returned” from Wall Street to headline the newly minted Virginia Conservative Network  speculation ran wild from Cantor wanting to teach Republicans “how to ‘win’,” to Cantor running for governor in 2017 to Cantor setting up to take his seat back from Dave Brat in 2016.  As time has moved on and people have spread the word, it appears that the true intention of the group is very much Cantor being Cantor and Ray Allen being Ray Allen.

It was reported that Ray Allen’s sour grapes in May of 2014 were so sour that he stated he intended to bankrupt the Republican Party of Virginia (RPV), to install his own people throughout all levels of RPV’s State Central Committee, and to rebuild the RPV with money from Eric Cantor’s donors. 

It appears that the Virginia Conservative Network is part of that plan.  According to a very reliable source, the Virginia Conservative Network is really just a defacto employment agency for Cantor operatives, Ray Allen’s consultancy, and Creative Direct. The source says, the true goals of the Virginia Conservative Network is to use the Cantor machine and money to retake the GOP State Central Committee and the Republican County Committees. With this The Virginia Conservative Network would control the nomination methods, party voice, and ultimately who is nominated for what offices. By controlling the nominees, the Virginia Conservative Network could require them to use their operatives, hire their people, use their consultants, and purchase certain amounts of mail and media from Creative Direct. This would re-establish the Ray Allen money machine and basically puts Cantor in control of the Virginia GOP at the State and County level without ever having to run for anything.

Essentially, this is the slating controversy all over again at a grander and more organized scale, with money flowing towards Cantor’s crew as a nice little side bonus.


3 thoughts on “The Virginia Conservative Network – What is it really about?

  1. This article is bogus, unsupported drivel w/ no basis in actual facts. I’d be willing to bet that the blogger’s “very reliable source” didn’t attend the meeting, and has in fact no real idea of what it was all about. Obviously, this blogger cares nothing for facts, and also has a bone to pick with Republicans who organized this meeting.

  2. This explanation for why the Virginia Conservative Network was created makes more sense than the agenda promoted on the invitation to its inaugural meeting or the speculation reported in the media,

    One needn’t have a “bone to pick” with the Republicans who organized the VCN to question their motives, veracity, and wisdom considering what they billed as a strategy session for how the GOP can prevail and resonate a winning message in upcoming elections by expanding the base, actually purposefully excluded those folks within the GOP who had just orchestrated the biggest winning campaign in recent history. This is indeed a fact, and common sense requires viewing it with a cautious eye.

    It’s also fair to question the motives, veracity, and wisdom of those who high-jacked control of the GOP during the Cuccinelli/Bolling cat fight, replacing a lot of good, experienced and hard working Republicans in the party leadership with vitriolic ideologues from the far right who have proven themselves to be just as exclusive and controlling as the Reagan Building mafia they replaced.

    Neither option is particularly appealing. For so long as the collective GOP is busy extracting pounds of flesh from the warring factions within it, it will be unable to prevail in general elections.

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