To Convene or not Convene.

That is the question.  Knowing obviously that an Article V Convention has never taken place…it is therefore impossible for anyone to know what would in fact “take place” post the come to order gavel.    I certainly respect the opinions of all those making the arguments for and against the Convention and there are smart and valid points as well as justifiable passions that run deep on both sides of the issue.

However, I think it would be wise to at least recognize the many perils of projecting ones’ desired outcomes onto a blank canvas…which is exactly the danger one engages in when talking about the idea of a possible Article V Convention.   I am reminded of the old military sayings…. “That no battle plan ever survived first contact with the enemy” or “if the enemy is in range…so are you”.

My point is that starting and trying to then control another Revolutionary fire surrounded by two hundred and thirty-nine years of dried “parchment” may not be the safest or best idea; especially when in my humble opinion the “parchment” and what is written on it is not the paramount problem.

The principal crisis at this moment in Americas’ story is dare I say…”we the people”.  It is the cancer of ignorance and apathy that has incapacitated many in the American electorate and as a consequence placed at risk Americas’ grand experiment, which of course was and is… the question of can “man” self-govern?   Benjamin Franklin famously offered this gem when responding to a citizen when that person asked him what type of government we would have… “It is a Republic, so long as you can keep it.”

This is not to say that there are not millions of educated and informed citizens that actively participate in the process and understand fully the responsibility of voting; of course there are those civic minded Americans. I would suggest that they’re the reason Republicans hold the majority of governorship’s as well as the majority of state legislatures.  And frankly that is because when one knows the issues, understands the applicable policies and applies commonsense the results are that conservative solutions work to the betterment of the peoples’ freedom and that liberal so called solutions work only for the betterment and the power of politicians.

What I’m saying is that I believe rebuilding America into a country our Founders would once again recognize does not require amending their original genius.  No, editing the parchment and reinforcing the framework; even if successful, will not stop the American that votes based on getting their news from Jon Stuart.  Nor will it change their understanding of an issue currently based on the loony wisdom they received from a vapid celebrity.   And it will not in any way better inform an individual that believes the information he or she finds on the internet is the same as what they’d find in the Encyclopedia Britannica.  And it will not help a person whom has been taught by radical professors that winning an argument is accomplished by making others acquiesce to manipulated emotions rather than be persuaded by facts.  No, I’m afraid it is the “constitution”, if you will, of these poor souls that must be amended if we are to have any hope of restoring Americas’ promise to all her citizens; be they liberal or conservative.  That kind of integrity and inspiration is the sole responsibility of genuine leaders; of which sadly, America is in very short supply.