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Can’t we all just get along?  I have no idea what Brian Schoeneman did to some people on the blogs, but I think most of us out there watching the open seat race for Sully District Supervisor in Fairfax County would be happy if they would get over it.  The attacks being leveled are unfair and some of them are just flat out dumb.  I’m tired of the attacks on Brian.  Brian’s my friend and he’s done a lot of good for the Republican Party in Fairfax and the constant attacking is getting old.

Their most recent attack is claiming that Brian had something to do with the FCRC’s executive committee voting overwhelmingly to recommend firehouse primaries for all of the elections in the county this year.

Isn’t that what we want?  Aren’t firehouse primaries the natural compromise between the people who want conventions and the people who want open primaries?  So why are two firehouse primary promoters attacking FCRC’s executive committee because they support the one compromise that both convention and primary people support?  I think it’s pretty obvious, and it stops and ends with Schoeneman Derangement Syndrome.

It’s hard to understand why anybody in Sully, or anywhere else, would support a mass meeting in a contested race. Did they not see what happened in the Whitbeck race last year in the 33rd?  That was a fiasco that people are still complaining about.  The only thing that makes sense is that the other guys running in Sully think a mass meeting is better for them.  Brian, on the other hand, has been principled in his stance on primaries and it surprised nobody that he’d support a state run primary.  Nobody are getting what they want. The compromise of a firehouse is fair and makes the most sense.

That’s probably why FCRC’s board voted 15-3 for a firehouse.

It also doesn’t make sense to claim that a firehouse primary advantages any of the candidates because they don’t have to get a majority of the vote to win.  I don’t recall anybody complaining about a firehouse primary dividing the party when Barbara Comstock ran in a 6 way firehouse primary in 2012. And it didn’t, and she won the general, overwhelmingly.

Sully’s activists were never told that they’d get to decide the nominating method.  They were told the opposite a bunch of times. Ralph Hubbard, their District Chair, sent two emails. One before and one after the FCRC meeting, that specifically said that the discussion about nominating method wasn’t binding, the full committee would have to vote on it, and they were being asked their opinion.  He also pointed out in his follow up email that firehouse primary was the second choice for Sully. Here are quotes from the emails:

During the meeting the will be a period of time to discuss among ourselves our preferred method of nomination.  We will have a break out session during the meeting to do so and I am charged to report to the Chairman the results so he can inform the entire committee.  The ENTIRE committee is responsible for choosing the nomination method.  It is the consensus of the Chairman and the Executive Committee to give as much deference to the individual Districts for their own Supervisor races but in the end the committee as a whole has to approve it.”

After the meeting, Ralph sent this out:

A second “insta poll” of the membership attending significantly preferred a Mass Meeting over the other methods.  Firehouse Primary/Canvass was the second choice.

This expression of preference is non binding.  Ultimately it’s up to the entire committee.”

With a firehouse, Sully gets its second choice. So does Dranesville, who wanted a state run primary for their nomination method, and so does Mason, who also wanted a mass meeting. The other districts get their first choice, a firehouse primary. Most of FCRC wants a firehouse as either first choice or second choice, so what’s the issue?

Anybody who wants a mass meeting isn’t picking it because they think it’s the best nominating method. Nobody thinks that.  They’re picking it because they think it’s the method that makes it hardest for Brian to win the nomination.  We shouldn’t be picking nomination methods to screw with candidates, we should be picking them to build the party and help the candidates win in November.



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  1. Not the point. When the overwhelming desire of the party members from the Sully District is totally ignored, that is the issue. I’m not going to shill for a MM or a Canvass here- I don’t live in Sully. But I can tell you that I would sure trust the people who DO live there a hell of a lot more than I would trust a group of party bosses who are stacking the deck for Brian. I mean, if they think they know better than the people of Sully how to run Sully’s affairs, they should do what Brian did- pack up the wagons and move there to run for office.

  2. The people who support Brian don’t live in Sully, most people who live in Sully never heard of him because he has no roots here, he just moved to the area… which is probably why he needed Herrity’s endorsement. Considering the way the “establishment republicans” in power have been conducting themselves, I think it’s safe to conclude that Herrity did not arrive by that decision all by himself.

    here is a exact quote from Ms Vogl on fb

    Lillian Vogl ” Ironically, these false reports and nasty attacks from a couple of people makes it far less likely that the Executive Committee would ever decide to publicly consult the district membership again.
    We chose to make the decision in an open consultative way, while recognizing we are here to help ALL our Republican candidates, not just the Supervisor races, and we are getting slammed for it. Sorry we even asked.”


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