Jeb BushAs the sky fell across the Commonwealth yesterday, candidate for the Republican nomination for President of the United States (there has got to be a better way of saying that) Jeb Bush came to town for a fundraiser for the Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) in a bid to help down ballot races – while boosting his credentials going into 2016 of course:

Jeb Bush is aggressively courting donors to lay the foundation for a potential White House bid, but on Presidents Day, he turned his fundraising prowess to raising money for the broader “conservative cause.”

With snow coating downtown Richmond, Bush headlined an event here at the historic Jefferson Hotel to raise money for the Republican State Leadership Committee — which focuses on down-ballot races. The event, which was closed to the media, cost donors $25,000 to host and $5,000 to attend the reception, according to an invitation.
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“This was an effort to raise money for the RSLC which is the group that raises money for state legislative candidates, which I am big supporter of,” Bush said in a quick interview with POLITICO as he left the Jefferson. He added that the RSLC’s efforts furthered “the conservative cause.”

The event was attended by last year’s Senate candidate, former RNC chair, and former RSLC chair Ed Gillespie and former Rep. Eric Cantor was a headliner but couldn’t make it due to the weather.

Credit to Lynn Mitchell for the Politico link.

Photo by Gabe Skidmore from CPAC 2013