Thoughts on the Maureen McDonnell Case


Maureen McDonnell

Maureen “The Real Snake” McDonnell should have gotten more time and sent to prison right away.  She was the criminal here that slithered back with the apple and gave it the Gov. and he unfortunately ate not knowing it was.

The main point was the check written by Mr. Williams for cater Gov. & Maureen McDonnell daughter’s wedding reception.  The check was solicited by Maureen McDonnell alone to Mr. Williams and the Gov. McDonnell knew nothing about until after the investigation was already ongoing and it was too late.  I wanted to remind everyone that this entire criminal investigation all started with Maureen trying to get the Executive Chef arrested through the Commonwealth Attorney’s office for stealing food from the mansion (just one of many fights with staff she had—she was hell on wheels to deal with).  So the Chef cut a deal and turned on Maureen by telling the FBI Public Integrity Office about Mr. Williams actions with Maureen and indirectly Gov. McDonnell.  The only reason the Gov. was entrapped in this mess was committed crimes by her directly and then indirectly by Gov. McDonnell.  He had no clue, but should have asked, about the trip to NY, Rolex and other assorted “gifts”.  The main error Gov. McDonnell, and was convicted for, made was for taking a loan for real estate from Mr. Williams through Maureen McDonnell but both sign the checks personally but no particular repayment terms documents (which is not illegal if you’re a private citizen or if you disclose it publically, which wasn’t done) .  Yes, he was elected and thus a held to a higher standard but she is a wicked women and that is why I think she deserved equal time or more time in prison than Gov. McDonnell.  The other convictions (lying to investigators, conspiracy, I would submit that any of us could be convicted of if were are interviewed enough times, hours at length and under extreme pressure, talking to others involved to recollect events, etc.) don’t amount to more than a parking ticket or crossing on red.  But I’ll let the lawyers here tear me apart how serious the other convictions were.

But this will be reversed on appeal and it is very likely neither will go to prison.  Bob will rise from this and continue to contribute to Virginia as he has always.  Sadly, Maureen will probably blame everyone else until she passes and will be remembered as the 1st in the U.S. First Lady convicted by a jury of a felony.


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  1. No, They are guilty as charged. The problem is that they need a few thousand cell mates starting with Terry McAuliffe, and Mark Warner. What we have, nationwide is a failure to prosecute on a grand scale.

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