Everyone needs to lay off John Whitbeck… and Shaun Kenney. Now.

It’s been only since Monday, when the news broke that Shaun Kenney was leaving as Executive Director of the Republican Party of Virginia. Since that time, folks have both castigated Shaun for RPV being broke, and attacked our new Chairman, John Whitbeck, for supposedly forcing Shaun out, blamed Ken Cuccinelli, and thrown the football that is RPV’s debt back and forth, looking to assign blame.

The truth is that only a handful of folks, including John Whitbeck and Shaun Kenney themselves, actually know what went on and why. The truth is that both men are appearing down in Virginia Beach this weekend for a fundraiser for RPV. The truth is that Shaun Kenney has honorably agreed to stay on and help right the ship, and help find a replacement for himself. The truth is that the Eric Cantor/Ray Allen/Boyd Marcus/Bobbie Kilberg crowd are the ones who pulled money from RPV, and it had little to do with either Whitbeck or Kenney.

I hear a lot of people talking, but very few people speaking out of any sort of knowledge of the situation. All will be borne out in the fullness of time, as they say. In the meantime, shut up and wait to see what the truth is, and remember, the idea is to rebuild the RPV together, and disregard those who are ‘taking their ball and going home’. We need every Republican who supports our party’s Creed, to help elect candidates who support it. Who’s in?


17 thoughts on “Everyone needs to lay off John Whitbeck… and Shaun Kenney. Now.

  1. Nothing against john and Shaun. They are both stand up guys. My question is what purpose does RPV serve? I’m not asking to antagonize anyone. This is an honest question about the role of the state party.

    1. Brandon, Strength in numbers enable our party support statewide candidates, who support the RPV Creed, and get them elected into office. RPV defines our party positions and specific issues, be they wedge or unifying as needed, which go along with enough potential voters’ beliefs and positions on important issues. Its a numbers game to win but the RPV is about people like you and me.

  2. While it is true that establishment Republicans and their friends only care about criticism of fellow Republicans when they are being held accountable — never when they are slandering conservatives —

    we do need to learn and put into practice the standards and disciplines of rejecting back-biting, gossip and rumor (meaning assuming negative reports to be true with no evidence of what is actually true), and attacking people based on speculation, guesses, etc.

    While defenders of the establishment and attackers of conservatives — like Shaun Kenney — are the worst offenders in this behavior, and Shaun Kenney has used his positions to try to sabotage conservatives and tilt the balance in the RPV to the Left,

    we cannot maintain a functioning Party if we do not stick to the facts

    Jon Moseley

  3. One of the core problems here is that for decades the Republican establishment (including their wannabe ladder-climbers and hangers-on and supporters) have been slandering conservatives.

    So conservatives get tired it of it and start to fight fire with fire.

    Hooboy, can’t have that.

    Jon Moseley

    1. My complaint is the long-running sniper team shooting at conservatives for many years, well actually decades.

      In 1994, Ollie North was nominated by the Republican voters of Virginia for U.S. Senate. Ollie North was almost certain to win and hold the seat for the GOP.

      So the establishment types — the same circles who today are whining “You are being mean to us!” recruited former Republican Congressman Marshall Coleman to run as an Independent to sabotage the Party’s own nominee.

      Marshall Coleman took 14.3% of the vote while the Democrat won over Ollie by only a 2.5% spread.

      So the same establishment types who are whining “Don’t be mean” are the same ones who handed a US Senate seat to the Democrats rather than allow a conservative to win.

      They are the same team who ran a continuing campaign operation against Virginia conservatives out of Tom Davis’ Congressional office.

  4. minions? perhaps shaun was let go because he couldnt raise money. perhaps he couldn’t raise money because he alienated too many MINIONS.

  5. Winning an election should never be the goal. A milestone, yes, but not a goal. The goal is to implement sound conservative principles as responsible government policy and action. The first milestone is to identify what those principles are. The second is to identify who embraces, articulates and truly supports those principles. The third is to support the candidacy of those who warrant that support based upon their proven and potential ability to advance the principles.

    Then get them elected.

    My observations and now experiences are that the party machinery puts the party before the principles, like a cart before the horse. That is worse than losing an election. It is losing our way.

  6. Do we ever stop for one second and think how much the average Virginia voter cares about any of this internal power struggle nonsense in the RPV? It’s a simple answer really – ZERO. No one who goes to McDonalds for a quick snack cares about who runs the french fry machine. This zen like focus on the minutiae of party machinery is beginning to border on the pathological in Virginia. Ok, we have individuals with vested power interests, some with personal grudges and others with financial incentives but at the end of the game if you are too consistently on the losing end of the race its past time for a massive reassessment of your operating assumptions regardless. Establishment and conservative Republican practitioners don’t need to agree, they don’t even really need to get along they just need to do the one thing that hasn’t been a trademark of the Republican brand in Virginia for some time – generate some new, exciting IDEAS to attract the interest and attention of the state’s middle and working class families. A creed won’t do that, fundraising won’t do that, intimate knowledge of robert’s rules of order won’t do that, paid consultant’s marketing surveys won’t do that. Let’s set the process aside and refocus on “people”, preferably ones with ideas, for a while because a conservative or establishment candidate with no ideas is of the same value “little to none” when it comes to future election success.

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