Cline Effort to Compensate Victims of Sterilization Included in Budget


Delegate Cline is trying to right a wrong from Virginia’s past. Virginia had a forced sterilization program from the 1920’s to as late as the 1970’s. This morning Delegate Cline proposed the “Justice for Victims of Sterilization Compensation Fund” to compensate those who were victims of this horrible practice.

Here is the Press release from Delegate Clines office:


Richmond, VA – Delegate Ben Cline (R-Rockbridge) announced today that his proposal to create the Justice for Victims of Sterilization Compensation Fund and provide $400,000 for the compensation of victims of the states’ forced sterilization program in the amount of $25,000 per victim was included in the budget conference report released this morning.

“I am pleased that money has been set aside in the budget to compensate those victims of Virginia’s forced sterilization program,” said Cline. “This is an opportunity for the Commonwealth to acknowledge a wrong that was inflicted on innocent Virginians over the course of several decades. Many thanks to all those who fought for this funding, including Mark Bold, Executive Director of the Christian Law Institute, Delegates John O’Bannon, Bob Marshall, and Patrick Hope, as well as the families and supporters of the many victims of this terrible injustice.”

During the 1920s to 1970s, Virginia’s sterilization policy was in effect and many of the procedures were done at what is now the Central Virginia Training Center, located in Madison Heights in Amherst County. Several of the victims still live in Virginia.



I applaud Delegate Cline and his Republican colleagues for pushing this, to help erase this blot on our Commonwealth’s history.




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