Please…my fellow Virginians; do not be swayed in favor of “Net Neutrality”.

A couple of weeks ago I came across a disturbing article in the ‘Public News Service” regarding “net neutrality” and how allowing the FCC to regulate the internet as a utility under the Communications Act of 1934 would somehow benefit “rural” Virginia… nonsense.

Whitney Kimball Coe is an associate for the Center for Rural Strategies and is one of countless “progressive” liberals trying to ride this FCC Trojan horse, if you will, into the sovereignty and privacy our homes.  Disguised as the gifts of “expanding broadband” and “closing the digital divide” (whatever that means) she argues that government overseers harmlessly implementing their regulations would simply ensure that “everyone” has “access”.

Ms. Coe also stated unbelievably that ~”we believe it’s a human right.”  She continued with ~ “the ability to maintain and to have access to places where you can contribute knowledge, and also gain knowledge, that just seems to be a basic human right at this point.  “Wow really?

Tomorrow the FCC will vote on “net neutrality” and we must pay close attention.  Mr. Obama, wanting a “free and open” internet; will attempt to leverage the power of that agency by introducing mindless, costly and cumbersome regulations as well as unreasonable licensing requirements upon internet providers and business owners.

This unnecessary and insidious government intervention is being sold as…wait for it, “fairness” and a way to “protect users” whom they say are being harmed by the big bad internet “providers” that act as “gatekeepers”, whatever that means.

A guidance counselor once told me regarding life; “fairness doesn’t exist”. What’s more, in my opinion the peoples’ “protection” should be dependent upon their education and commonsense and not some coddling nanny state that believes they can somehow legislate into existence their version of a Utopian bubble in which we can all live consequences and injury free happily ever after.

I believe the greatest arbiter of “fairness” is capitalism.  We should leave it to the “free market”, “private enterprise” and “entrepreneurship” to define success and individual liberty.  Allowing the FCC to impose its’ Title II “oversight” will systematically overwhelm the internet and literally choke to death the Internets’ current reality, which is in fact one of being free and open.

The truth is that liberal elites and “progressives” want to force their ideology onto a landscape that continually rejects such thinking.  Moreover, they want to control the access and flow of unfiltered “information” because the more “information” one has about the world the more one sees the evidence and understands what is when implemented; the complete failure of the “progressive” philosophy.


6 thoughts on “Please…my fellow Virginians; do not be swayed in favor of “Net Neutrality”.

  1. well.. here’s the question – would you want your cable company to be in charge of your electricity bill?

    honest answer please.

  2. Hi Larry G. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. The simple answer is yes. I’m envisioning you rolling your eyes; fair enough…so let me explain.

    First let me say that I understand your concern in that “fairness” sounds fair… and that “regulations” sound “protective”; but it’s a ruse, those nice words are just the consumer sugar, if you will, to help the medicine go down…and that medicine is government control and a loss of genuine freedom.

    With the cable and satellite companies I and many citizens do have choices, perhaps not as many as we’d like, but those choices do exist. I currently have “Comcast” Infinity…it’s been an up and down relationship, but unlike the government they do have a customer service department wherein I’ve spoken to a real human being and have had my grievances addressed and solved.

    You see unlike the government “Comcast” literally has a vested interest in my happiness…because “Comcast” is held accountable to “market forces” (government is held accountable to no one) and they know I can cross the street, if you will, and sign up to give my money to “Fios”, “Direct TV”, “Cox” or “Dish”.

    And if “Comcast” loses me, they lose revenue…and losing too many of “me” could result in them going out of business. I’ve used that leverage several times to negotiate a better deal, more channels, less money, faster internet etc.

    Like everything anything competition creates the best products and services at the lowest cost. Remember when VCR’s were $400…and before they were obsolete you could pick up one of higher quality for $80, now you can get a DVD player (even better quality) at CVS for $40… competition did that. If the government were in charge we’d all still have “Beta-max” (I’m dating myself) and they’d still be $400.

    I believe in sensible regulations and commonsense consumer protections, but the less government is in our lives, the better lives we will live.

    I of course respect your view and thanks again for reading.


    1. thanks for reasonable words MW – but how about a little truth testing on the cable TV issue? If you asked 100 people who had cable if they felt they felt the cable company was predatory and people’s “options” were limited – what do you think they’d say?

      so this is not really about government impositions and “freedom” – it’s really about how the free market works if left unregulated.

      If Comcast had control of your electric power – and no regulation – what would happen? I’d predict that your rates would go up and you’d be paying even more for peak power..

      I’m NOT arguing that Govt should regulate – I’m arguing for what the truth really is with a truly free market.

      it’s not nirvana by any stretch of the imagination – and the truth of the matter is that the least regulated countries are 3rd world – and despite the lack of regulation they do not out-compete countries with regulation – even heavy regulation.

      regulation is protection of ALL property rights – both those who provide services as well as consumers of those services.

      the gasoline you put in your car – meets govt standards – and without those standards you’d have zero assurance of the quality nor the quantity of the fuel and if fuel ruined your car – you’d have to legally challenge a company that has the legal and financial resources to simply squash you so torts don’t protect you either.

      I enjoy a civil debate.. where each of us can make our points and counter-points … thank you.

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