“…as long as it’s under MY faction!”

So, the WaPo decided to take another stab at a hit piece attacking conservatives today. Some of it is the usual tripe about being out of touch, blah blah blah.

The twist? This time, they interviewed NOT A SINGLE CONSERVATIVE, instead opting for half a dozen moderates.

Seriously? I thought basic journalistic ethics required SOME story balance… or at least one quote from both sides of a story. But then, the WaPo has a long and storied history of relentless, biased, and untruthful attacks against conservatives.

That said, there are several strange things about this piece.

  1. No conservatives, no liberty caucus
  2. This quote: “If Republicans in Virginia cannot unify, strategists say, national party leaders will have to intervene.” How, precisely, would that happen? We already have a brand new chairman who has pledged to strive for unity. And since when are national Republicans known for either unity or electoral success? Only once since 1988 has a Republican candidate for President achieved as much as 50% of the popular vote nationally. They have bigger problems than we do.
  3. “strategists say”. This is as sloppy an example of journalism as it gets. What strategists? This phrase appears no less than 6 times in the article. Basically, it’s a cover for a lazy reporter who wants to include HIS view but is too chicken to do it outright.
  4. The only State Central Committee member interviewed was not a conservative, but a malcontent. “We don’t get anything done, we don’t talk strategy, we don’t talk about how to raise money,” said Thomas, describing the central committee as being “consumed” by internal disputes and “people defending themselves against baseless charges.” While I have no doubt that is Mike Thomas’ opinion, and he has every interest in trashing the party leadership in which he is a real minority, you don’t think others might have a different point of view? How about Eric Herr or Chris Stearns? Hardworking guys who believe in liberty and have raised money and moved the needle in their own districts?
  5. Scarcely a mention of the McDonnells’ corruption, which was a major factor in how we got here.
  6. Scarcely a mention of the poor establishment candidates along the way who contributed to the losing streak. McCain, Romney, Allen, Gillespie all contributed to the losing streak- and none were grassroots favorites. None would be confused with ‘conservatives’.

Here’s the root of the problem: the Republican voters do not trust their leadership or elected officials. In fact, 59% of them do not– and with good reason. The voters have been lied to over and over, which is why 60% of Republicans also want Boehner out. And it’s not the working class grassroots Americans have a problem with; it’s the patrician donor class, like Romney.

With the base so disconnected from the party leadership and the donor class, is it any wonder there is strife? And that strife is all over the country, not just in Virginia.

Look, the WaPo is always going to try to tear us down. Shame on ‘Republicans’ like Mike Thomas who helped them do it. He should be stripped of his position for that bit of collusion with our opponents.

Here’s a novel idea. If you are so concerned about fundraising, how about you put a little shoulder grease into it. If the usual suspect donors won’t kick in, fine- let them have their temper tantrum. Let them see how far electing Democrats gets them. There are always new donors and new sources of money to be had- it’s time RPV stopped the whining, settled down and got to the hard work. It’s doable- and won’t it be great when the Washington Compost and its merry band of pseudo-Republican informants has to eat their words?

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7 thoughts on ““Unity!”

  1. Never miss a chance to attack folks do you Steve? Why don’t you put the same effort into building the party as you see fit. I’m sure your angry attacks must draw folks to your cause. Why bother attacking folks when you see them as insignificant and not a “REAL” Republican anyways? Why are you so insecure? Do you not believe in your own cause. I believe in mine. I’ll continue my efforts to build a party inclusive to all who believe in the Republican ideals that I know will build a better America for all. I suggest you not attack folks so much and do the same. This anger and hate of yours will eat your soul and that would be a horrible thing indeed.

  2. Lee, reread the WaPo article. It was one unfettered attack on conservatives after another. That deserves a harsh reply.

  3. Look pretty spot on Steve. Things are bad. That’s the truth and with all the fighting going on we can’t win statewide. Until a Progressive Republican like me can be welcomed in the Party the same as a Libertarian coming into the party we cannot win statewide elections. We need to focus on the 80% we all agree on and sell that. Your side seeks purity of voices and people like me seek diversity of voices. I see no place for the anger and vitriol. Libertarianism is un-American and selfish at its core. The majority of the country and Virginia see is that way. They have room for conservative values that get Government out of their way but folks want to elect people who are there to Govern. We can only present that kind of candidate with a diverse party who may not always 100% agree. That was no unfettered attack. Sometimes truth is tough. Again I challenge you to drop the attacks, the quest for “Control”, the anger and build the party as you see it in your vision. I’ll keep building the party in my vision of a diverse coalition who may not be ideologically pure but everyone of them agreeing that Anger and Fear serve no one. Republican Party I believe in is a party that preaches that Opportunity is the core of America that everyone gets their shot at the American Dream. What’s does your vision show? All I see is Anger and Fear. Again that eats at your soul. Shame you can’t channel that into building something that can last.

    1. Lee: “I see no place for the anger and vitriol. Libertarianism is un-American.” So no place for vitriol unless directed at the other parts of the “diverse coalition” than your own?

      I think the Creed constitutes a pretty big tent that has room for a lot of ideological diversity, but calling a big chunk of our coalition “un-American” is rather symptomatic of the problem.

  4. Lee, we don’t agree on 80%. That’s the point. You want higher taxes, I don’t. You want more government, I don’t. Truth is, you agree 80% with Democrats and probably less than 30% with Republicans, so no, you really have no place here.

    This party claims to want small government. Let’s see it happen. The officeholders being challenged and beaten have been some of the biggest violators of that, as it should be. There’s another party that wants to grow government. Go troll there.

  5. If you think people like Chris Stearns and Eric Herr will ever grow the party you must be smoking that shit that killed Elvis. These guys will destroy the party and it won’t take them long to get it done.

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