My Letter of Resignation from the PWC GOP

March 4, 2015

Chairman Bill Card
Prince William County Republican Committee
4431 Prince William Parkway
Woodbridge, VA 22192-5301

Dear Chairman Card,

I regret to inform you that I must resign my membership in the Prince William County Republican Committee effective immediately.

While I have served the party faithfully in a variety of capacities since moving to Virginia including as the county committee’s Operations Director for 2001-2002 and its Dumfries (now Potomac) Magisterial District chairman from 2002-2003; Young Republican Federation of Virginia’s State Vice Chairman for 2001-2003; and as a Republican Party of Virginia State Central Committee member representing the YRFV from 2003-2005, I can no longer maintain my membership in good conscience and remain in compliance with the bylaws of the party.

At this time, I am unable to fulfill the requirement in the bylaws that members must “support all of its nominees for public office in the ensuing election” for the 2015 elections. In particular, I must decline to support Potomac Supervisor Maureen Caddigan for reelection.

Supervisor Caddigan has repeatedly flouted the principles of the Republican Party and even the specific bylaw that I cited above as my reason for resigning from the party. Mrs. Caddigan supported the Democratic nominees for county board chairman in 1999 against Republican nominee Sean Connaughton, in the 2006 special election for county board chairman against Republican nominee Corey Stewart, again in 2007 for county board chairman against Republican nominee and incumbent Corey Stewart and in 2005 for state delegate against Republican nominee and incumbent Jeff Frederick.

Furthermore, Mrs. Caddigan has been a consistent advocate for higher taxes and increased spending on programs that are not core services for county residents thereby violating the Republican Party of Virginia’s creed which states, “That fiscal responsibility and budgetary restraints must be exercised at all levels of government.” In addition, she has a long history of abusing her office that includes use of county resources, both personnel and office discretionary funds, for political purposes. Finally, there are items on her campaign finance disclosure filings that make it appear she has converted campaign funds for personal use in the past via paying her husband a salary as campaign treasurer for work not commensurate with the amounts paid.

Had a primary challenger to Mrs. Caddigan arisen (or if I had not been precluded by my circumstances at work from undertaking the challenge myself), I would not be forced to take such a drastic measure. While I do not intend to vote for or support either of her Democratic challengers, I cannot support her for reelection and intend to write in the name of former Del. Jeff Frederick for the seat. I also intend to encourage others to write-in Mr. Frederick’s name for this office in November and understand that in doing so either he will win as a write-in over the Republican nominee or he will syphon enough votes away from the Republican nominee to hand victory to the Democratic nominee.

I look forward to the future when I can once again support all of the Republican Party’s nominees for office in the ensuing election, but regret that I cannot do so this year.


James T. Riley, Esq.
Southbridge, Virginia


2 thoughts on “My Letter of Resignation from the PWC GOP

  1. Wow! I really, really, really wish you would reconsider running against her. But barring that, I appreciate your honesty and your letter. I fully agree and even though I never applied to the GOP committee in PWC, if I had, I would follow suit and also resign. But I will follow your lead and write in Jeff’s name. This has gone on long enough and she needs to move on.We deserve better.

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