Virginia votes on DHS funding, blogosphere responds

Barbara ComstockThe Department of Homeland Security is getting funded with no provisions on Obama’s executive amnesty program after 74 House Republicans joined Democrats on the vote.

In Virginia, every Republican Representative voted AGAINST the funding except for the 10th District’s Barbara Comstock.

Comstock’s vote came with a statement providing her rationale for voting for the funding:

“President Obama’s misguided foreign policy that rewards our enemies and slights our allies has created an unstable world. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reminded all of us of that today in the House. I voted today to fund the Department of Homeland Security because we must continue to protect our borders, air travel, and ports with the dedicated employees that work tirelessly each and every day to keep America safe in this dangerous world.

“I fundamentally disagree with President Obama’s constitutional overreach on immigration. This bill contains no funding to carry out the unilateral actions by President Obama on immigration.

“Twenty-six states have taken legal action against President Obama’s constitutional overreach and are currently challenging the constitutionality of his action. I support these efforts and a federal court has stepped-in to temporary halt the President’s constitutional overreach. President Obama himself said that he could not take this constitutional overreach twenty-two times before he did it. I also oppose the Senate’s irresponsible refusal to take this debate to a Conference Committee on the House pass bill that I voted for in January. I will continue to fight this overreach but doing it through the Department of Homeland Security funding bill was not the path at this time.”

As Jim Hoeft at Bearing Drift said:

There are too many games in Washington. And there are too many lives at stake to play games.

The Bull Elephant disagrees, with TWO posts knocking the vote, one from Jeanine Martin:

Congressman Comstock’s vote is appalling and an example of exactly why Republicans in Virginia need local conventions to nominate our candidates. If Comstock continues down the path of voting with democrats, and cozying up to Eric Cantor and John Boehner, Republicans in the 10th district will be able to choose her replacement in a convention in 2016. Barbara Comstock will be waving good-bye.

Barbara Comstock won the 7 way firehouse primary for the Republican nomination last year with 54% of the vote, nearly 30% more than runner up Bob Marshall who would theoretically have performed better in a convention. Comstock went on to trounce Democrat John Foust by 16 points in November.

Guest contributor Mike Giere posted:

Not surprisingly, Amnesty Barb, Barbara Comstock, Northern Virginia’s new Republican House member from the 10th District, voted with the Democrats and the failed Speaker.

Every American should mark this vote well. Every Senator and every House member that voted for this scam deserves a primary challenge, if for no other reason than they have violated their sacred oath to the citizens of the nation – to defend and uphold the Constitution and the rule of law.

Over at Matt Colt Hall calls the attacks “over the top”:

I would think Ms. Martin would rather have Barbara Comstock as her congresswoman, who probably votes in agreement with her at least 80 percent of the time, rather than John Foust who would have voted with her zero percent of the time…

This is hardly a vote that deserves a primary challenge. It’s a vote to make sure our airports stay open and our country stays safe. The tea party is clueless to governing. They would shut down the entire government until Obama is out of office if they could just so they could have their way. Governing is essential, even when you don’t get your way.

The 10th District has over 88,000 federal employees, a large number of which are Defense/DHS employees, over 13,000 in the Fairfax portion of the district alone (source) — a number Congresswoman Comstock must keep in mind as she works to represent the district.

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