Sturtevant picks up key endorsements in 10th Senate District race.

The 10th Senate District looks to be ground zero of Virginia politics in November, and may be ground zero for national politics as well.  The reality is, there is no election in the country going on in November that has more potential to effect Obama’s agenda to expand Medicaid – and we can likely expect to see a great deal of politics at the ground level once the candidates are chosen.

The race for the Republican nomination got a little bit clearer as Glen Sturtevant, who has a home base in Richmond as an elected member of the School Board, has announced some key endorsements coming out of Chesterfield County. I have commented before about the power that Dennis Profit, Karl Leonard and Billy Davenport have wielded in Chesterfield County nomination contests, though they have since split their endorsements in the 10th District race between Barry Moore and Amanda Chase.  In addition to lending the name recognition that most endorsements provide, Profit, Leonard, and Davenport, with their significant contacts in the Fraternal Order of Police, get boots on the ground and lots of voters to the booth.  Despite the split in the 11th Senate Distinct, all have now united to endorse Glen Sturtevant to succeed John Watkins, with Billy Davenport and his deputy John Childrey formalizing their announcements yesterday.  This looms large in the upcoming election to see who will challenge probable Democratic candidates Dave Bernard or (possible independent) Dan Gecker in November.

Chesterfield County makes up 49% of the 10th District, and the county is traditionally very active in off-year elections. It is likely that the support that these endorsements bring and the boots they will put on the ground in June make Surtevant a significant favorite in a nomination process that looks to include at least former Richmond Council member Bruce Tyler and RPV State Central member Steve Thomas as additional candidates in the June primary.  The split of a three-way nomination contest, could make Sturtevant’s Chesterfield endorsements enough to but Glenn over the top.


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