Dear Main Street Advocacy – You’re not helping!

Last week Barbara Comstock made a tough vote on funding DHS despite it more or less giving Obama the green light on his amnesty plans. At the time, Comstock gave solid enough reasons for voting for the bill:

I voted today to fund the Department of Homeland Security because we must continue to protect our borders, air travel, and ports with the dedicated employees that work tirelessly each and every day to keep America safe in this dangerous world.

While some people were critical of her vote (and rightfully so, there was a lot of grey area on this issue), overall she’d probably weather it just fine in a district that’s heavily dependent on the federal government for local jobs and the economy.

Which makes new ads on the air in her support from Main Street Advocacy an absolute unforced error by people who want to help her out:

“Mainstreet Advocacy” purchased ad time to support six Republican members of Congress who voted with the Democrats in favor of full DHS funding thereby ignoring realistic concerns that Obama’s executive amnesty would be allowed to stand. The ad includes the following:

75 Republicans stood against the Congressional bullies who want to lie about amnesty

Call Congresswoman Barbara Comstock, and thank her for putting our safety above petty politics.

“Bullies” and “Lies.” That’s what conservatives are reduced to.

The ad ends by stating it is paid for by Main Street Advocacy.

The Bull Elephant’s post goes on to detail a lot of the funding that goes to MSA’s organizing groups, and it’s a lot of labor money and groups who generally don’t favor Republicans – because they aren’t in favor of Republican principles and ideas.

While some could argue that Main Street Advocacy’s overall intentions are good – the polarization of American politics is indeed a sad thing, but you really don’t see Democrat organizations coming out talking about unradicalizing the far left message – the organization itself has to be careful how they message on behalf of candidates they support. And really should take a good, long look at their funding.

Barbara Comstock is hardly a middle of the road Republican and had a very conservative record as Delegate in Virginia – a record she’s taking to Capitol Hill. On this vote people take issue, but it’s a small bump in a long road. Main Street Advocacy’s efforts are only shining a light on that bump and reminding people who oppose her and would otherwise forget about it just what’s going on.

With friends like these…