Mark Dudenhefer draws a Primary Opponent



Former House of Delegate 2nd District representative Mark Dudenhefer,  who is out to reclaim his old seat, has drawn a primary opponent.  Tim Ciampaglia, from Stafford County’s Rock Hill District has decided to file against the former Delegate. Mr. Ciampaglia has an uphill battle, with little name recognition – especially when compared to former Delegate Dudenhefer – and Dudenhefer’s close ties to Speaker Bill Howell filling his campaign coffers.  Currently there are no other possible contenders expected to throw their hats in the ring, though a few possible candidates have decided to stay out of the race this year and focus on other ventures instead.


One thought on “Mark Dudenhefer draws a Primary Opponent

  1. With Bill Howell facing his own primary challenge by the popular and very strong candidacy of Susan Stimpson, he may not be as generous from his coffers as he might have otherwise been.

    Howell certainly didn’t do much for Mark after promising to help those who voted for the Transportation tax increase is 2013.

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