Barry Moore does not like to vote in Republican Primaries


Virginia Virtucon has learned that candidate for the Republican Nomination for Senate in the 11th District Barry Moore has never done what he is asking you to do… Vote in a Republican Primary. Records for Primary Elections are kept by the State Board and current records track back to 2004. While the records cannot say who someone voted for, they do indicate whether or not someone voted in a specific race.

In this case, the records show that Mr. Moore, who is running in a Republican Primary has never voted in any Republican Primary on record. Notably, Mr. Moore only joined the Chesterfield Republican Committee a few months ago, after his desire to run for Senate was made public. Some may remember Mr. Moore’s premature announcement for the 11th District Seat, where Mr. Moore cited liberal-sounding notions of “progress” through “conscious change” as the reasons he was running for Senate.

With his stark lack of credentials as either a conservative or a Republican, one must question whether Mr. Moore really has what it takes to be running in a three way Republican Primary with a long-term incumbent like Steve Martin and a well-known challenger like Amanda Chase. Maybe Mr. Moore should have tried for a lower-level position to gain some experience before jumping into a heavily contested Virginia Senate race. Or at least have voted in in a Republican Primary before asking people to vote for him in a Republican Primary


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