Corey Stewart Highlights Editorial Endorsement That Should Drive Conservatives Away From Him

From Facebook:

coreySince 2006, we’ve watched with growing admiration (and sometimes shock) as the former die-hard has moved from naysayer to pragmatist.

. . .

He’s shown a willingness to bend, to grow and to improvise

Those words alone, which Stewart wholeheartedly embraces on his own campaign website, are the very reasons why Corey needs to go after 9 years as County Board Chairman. Whenever a publication that tends to disagree with you says that you have “grown,” watch out. He is too willing to “bend,” too willing to “improvise” and too willing to go along to get along. That has resulted in increased spending on non-core functions of government and increased tax burdens on families. Our schools are more crowded and our streets are more congested than when he took office. Our commercial tax base is still anemic at best (and that is only propped up by counting apartment complexes as commercial and not residential.)

Prince William Times is wrong. Our county needs new leadership who is willing to stand on principle to redirect spending from luxuries to necessities so we have the necessary resources to reduce class sizes, increase teacher pay and hold the line on families’ tax burdens.

That person is Chris Crawford and that is why Virginia Virtucon has endorsed him in the April 25 Republican firehouse primary.