Democrats and the War On Women

Virginia Democrats seem to be carrying their war on underage women outside of the womb.

First there was the Joe Morrissey sex scandal where he reportedly impregnated an underage intern at his law office.

Now there’s the story of 21 year old Tyler Martin of Richmond who served at a tracker for the Virginia Senate Democratic Caucus in the General Assembly:

According to a source connected to the Virginia Senate Republican Caucus, Martin had been the Democratic Party’s tracker for Republican Senators during this year’s legislative session, assigned to follow and video record them at every opportunity.

The Democrat staffer, according to NBC12, traveled to Spotsylvania with three friends in the hopes of consummating a liaison with an underage girl who, as it turns out, happened to be a Spotsylvania detective. [UPDATE: A former prosecutor with knowledge of the matter has contacted TBE to let us know that the “girl” in question was thought by Mr. Martin and his cohorts to be all of 12 years of age.]

The Caucus is trying to push off of Mr. Martin and his role:

“He served as an unpaid legislative session volunteer for the Senate Democratic Caucus for several weeks monitoring public General Assembly committee meetings and assisting with administrative duties. We have had no contact with him since his arrest, but remain shocked and disappointed at the circumstances.”

While this may be all well and good, the entire story feeds back into the recent arguments by the left as summed up by Bearing Drift:

Of course, in recent months folks have been treated to a barrage of “pedophilia is a disorder, not a crime” nonsense. One should consider that it is both, and that preying upon children for sexual gratification — or the variant of pederasty with physically mature yet mentally immature teenagers — leaves decades of lasting harm to victims and enables perpetrators.

Hats off to Spotsylvania’s Internet Crimes Against Children unit. This is low work that cannot be comfortable for law enforcement… but proactively tackling it at this level where the perpetrators walk in with intent to harm? Might save the next girl.

So now we have TWO recent cases of Virginia Democrats preying upon underage women. Stack this up next to yesterday’s brilliant move by Rand Paul to put the DNC on the spot and you get a view into the real war on women:

“Here’s an answer,” said Schultz, a representative from Florida. “I support letting women and their doctors make this decision without government getting involved. Period. End of story. Now your turn, Senator Paul. We know you want to allow government officials like yourself to make this decision for women — but do you stand by your opposition to any exceptions, even when it comes to rape, incest, or life of the mother? Or do we just have different definitions of ‘personal liberty’?

“And I’d appreciate it if you could respond without ‘shushing’ me,” she added, a reference to Paul’s past encounters with reporters.

The Kentucky Republican obliged in an appearance on CNN late Wednesday afternoon but said Wasserman Schultz has “got some explaining to do.”

“It sounds like her answer is yes, that she’s OK with killing a 7-pound baby,” Paul said.

“Debbie’s position, which I guess is the Democratic Party’s position, that an abortion all the way up until the day of birth would be fine, I really think most pro-choice people would be uncomfortable with that,” he continued.

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  1. Recently, the Democrats held up an anti-slavery bill because the abortion lobby did not want a minor provision that would restrict government paid for abortions. The “war on women” meme is more important to them than helping people escape slavery.

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