Money Bomb for John Guevara!

Folks, the Establishment is at it again.

Ignoring the wishes of Republicans in Sully, trying to anoint a nominee from outside the district, trying to exclude Hispanics and conservatives from the party — the Establishment has made one thing clear: they want power in Fairfax.

John Guevara is here to send them a message: No anointed candidates. No buying elections.

A 15-year resident of Sully, John is an all-American story: Boy Scouts, military service, active in his church, active in the community, and a hardworking American.

John Guevara is everything that is RIGHT about America and we would be lucky to have a true conservative nominee like him here in Sully. But don’t tell that to the Fairfax Establishment; they are dead set on anointing their own tax-hiking, union-shill, conservative-hating candidate.

Don’t let the Establishment drown out your voice in this important election!

Help John defeat the Establishment by giving John the help he needs to get his message out. Just $50 can help John turn the tide in Fairfax, and send them a message:

Our representatives should be elected by the people; not the political establishment.

Help push a real conservative leader over the top in Fairfax. Help John today!

Note: this post constitutes the views of the author and does not constitute an endorsement by Virginia Virtucon.