Austin Haynes one of the good guys



I usually shy away from making public endorsements, but in the case of the Prince William County Clerk of the Court race I think it needs to be done and said.

Austin Haynes is weathering a barrage of attacks from his career politician opponent. And while his opponent spends thousands of dollars and time running a gutter campaign, Austin has emerged as the good person – and the right person – to be the next Clerk of the Court. Austin has been doing all the right things in this primary, and no matter what the outcome he will emerge from this race as the better person.

Unlike the current Clerk of the Court, Austin has vowed not to use the office as his own political bully pulpit and has pledged to update the office into the 21st century. Austin brings a level head, a good attitude, and the right ideas to an office that has lacked all three qualities as of late.

The tactics that are being used against Austin are disgusting and unfair and these scorched earth efforts will come back to haunt those using them. We have an opportunity to reject this style of politics and elect a great Clerk of the Court. Vote Austin Haynes in the April 25thFirehouse Primary.


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3 thoughts on “Austin Haynes one of the good guys

  1. So standing up for marriage is “us[ing] the office as his own political bully pulpit”? If Haynes is criticizing McQuigg for defending marriage, it sounds like code for “I support the radical homosexual agenda, but don’t want to admit it.”

  2. James; so where do you get your “code” from? It is always amazing to me how many politicians are more interested in attacking and besmirching their opponents rather than just take a stand, tell us where you stand on issues we truly care about and forget the preaching from the pulpit about just how bad your opponent must be because he is running against you. I have known Austin for many years, work with him and know his character and work ethics firsthand. We will lucky to have a person of his character as the next Clerk of the Court.

  3. I have gotten several pieces of mail from Michele and there was nothing negative in it at all. When I have met her at public events she hasn’t mentioned her opponent either.

    Regardless I will be happily voting for Michele McQuigg because she has stood up to defend marriage.

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