Frank Principi wants to continue his vision for Woodbridge………


Though he has not ramped up his fundraising yet, Democrat and frequent neglecter of the Woodbridge District Frank Principi made it official he wants another term. Speaking to POTOMAC LOCAL he says he plans to run on his past record as Supervisor, stating:

“I’m running on my record. My record of not just the vision of a new Woodbridge, but the fact that we’ve got a billion dollars in public and private investment over the last four years in Woodbridge. I think we have a lot to be proud of”

I am not sure where in Woodbridge he is talking about, but he is proud of his record and he wants to continue the work he is doing here….Maybe it’s the rundown strip malls, or the various cash checking places up and down route 1 that he is proud of? Perhaps it’s the crime and gang issues we deal with and overcrowding schools and failing infrastructure that can be found throughout the neighborhoods of Woodbridge…but if he is proud then he is proud.


We have two challengers vying for the Republican nomination here in Woodbridge, Steve Chapman and Lee Price. Whoever wins the nomination on April 25th will have their work cut out for them , the Democratic machine will be out in full force for Principi and when he starts fundraising and using money to cover his failings as Supervisor, it will be a huge battle.