Schoeneman responds to the barrage against him



Brian Schoeneman candidate for the nomination for the Republicans in Fairfax County’s Sully District has been catching it pretty bad on the interwebs lately.  Everything including the kitchen sink has been thrown at him as of late.. on all social media, and frankly it’s getting on the nerves of many who are not in Fairfax or in the Sully District, that being said Brian took to social media this morning to respond :

Throughout this campaign, I have focused on voter contact. My team and I have been working tirelessly, every day, knocking doors, calling voters, sending emails and getting my positive message out on who I am, what I have done, and what I want to do as your Sully Supervisor.

We are down to the last week. In the last week, the attacks against me have ramped up, whether they be via emails, blog posts or direct mail, authorized or not by my opponents. This is unfortunate, but I refuse to respond in kind. My opponents are both good men, and I won’t level the kinds of attacks against them that have been leveled against me. That kind of politics of personal destruction is what is killing our representative form of government, and I refuse to play that game.

Voters don’t want to see attacks like this, and rightfully so. That’s why my campaign is going to keep doing what we are doing, talking to voters everyday and earning votes, not tearing people down.

I for one will be happy when this particular primary is done, so we can get to the business of getting our candidates elected.  The pleasure that some take in tearing down folks, i hope is translated into the general election in November, then we can start getting folks elected again.

Full disclosure the author has publicly supported Brian Schoeneman, but this post is not an endorsement, or does it reflect the views of the blog as a whole


5 thoughts on “Schoeneman responds to the barrage against him

  1. Is it an attack to simply restate a factual narrative of how a particular candidate has conducted himself?

    His conduct during the 2013 Gubernatorial election is simply disqualifying for anyone who is ostensibly a Republican. One would think that even someone from the Bob Corker/Olympia Snowe wing of the party would avoid yucking it up on Rachel Maddow’s execrable and little-watched show. Given that fact, one can only logically conclude that Schoenman is to the left of the squishiest of squishes, which would make him a Mark Warner-type Democrat.

    There will already be a Mark Warner-type on the ballot in November. People who vote in the center or right of center deserve a better choice. Moreover, why elect someone who history tells is will provide air cover for Democrats while viciously attacking his own party?

    I’ll leave it to others to weigh Schoenman’s character. It may well be that outside the semi-coherent, intellectually dishonest dog’s breakfast he routinely posted on Bearing Drift that he is an otherwise decent person and is nothing like the douchey-smug hack his writings suggest. With that said, historically speaking, his stated views place him well-to-the-left of even the center of the party and that should be disqualifying.

    1. What does his even mean? None of your attacks even make sense.

      What factual narrative? What did he do during the 2013 campaign? Anybody who appears on a liberal show is a liberal? Ron Paul did Rachel Maddow’s show in 2010. Is he a liberal?

      This guy must be pretty good to have so many people running him down for no reason.

  2. Intellectually speaking, BS couldn’t smack his way out of a soggy paper bag.

    Good to see that BS’ supporters are as dishonest and stupid as the man himself. First, everyone knows that he provided air cover for Dem attacks of Cucinelli and the rest of the ticket in 2013. To suggest otherwise is ridiculous and something many of his fellow BDers won’t deny when confronted. Also, let’s review why he went on Maddow. He didn’t go to debate policy matters, he went to receive bouquets for giving the Democrats air cover while they illegally extended a recount to harvest Enoch votes to sweep the election. Whether they actually needed the harvest is beside the point, the fact is BS allowed the Dems to create a standard in FFX that was different than that of the rest of the Commonwealth.

    A vote against BS is a vote for integrity.

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