Steve Chapman worries non-Repubicans might walk away from Republican Firehouse Primary on Saturday

This Saturday, Prince William County Republicans will choose their nominees in a series of firehouse primaries across the county. When they arrive, they’ll be asked to sign a statement of intent which simply says, “hey, you are choosing to participate in the Republican nominating process so it’d be nice if you’d pledge to support the actual Republican nominee come this November, whether or not it is your guy.” More or less.

To one candidate in particular, that is a bridge too far:

Steve Chapman, who is running for the Republican nominee for Woodbridge supervisor, said he’s concerned voters could be turned off by the “statement of intent.”

“It would be terrible for the party if a bunch of people come in and feel disenfranchised because they have to sign a blood oath to the Republican Party or be turned away,” Chapman said. “That’s un-American.”

“Un-American,” he says. Like a Constitutional right to free association granted to political parties not by a Supreme Court decision or the highest document in the land but by our Creator himself?

Or how about the well documented series of great “American” acts like adultery, threatening a 9 year old girl, and just being a jerk as documented regularly by BVBL?

Mr. Chapman, Steve if you will, Steve-o if I may, who exactly are you trying to get and come vote for you that would be offended to say they’ll support the Republican nominee in November even if it isn’t you?

Also, you do realize it’s non-binding, right? No pin prick, no knife and bowls, no ceremony of any sort, no one checking your ballot come November and hauling you off to a reeducation camp for voting the wrong way (Republicans don’t do that, Democrats do /snark).

Get over yourself, Steve-o. And be ready for the people of Woodbridge to elect Lee Price to be the Republican on the ballot in November – and the next Supervisor out of Woodbridge.

And I do hope you’ll vote for him in November, Steve-o.


5 thoughts on “Steve Chapman worries non-Repubicans might walk away from Republican Firehouse Primary on Saturday

  1. Not every Republican is willing to give the party a blank check and commit to vote, sight unseen, for ANYONE that the party nominates. I’m sorry, but I simply do not trust the Republican Party enough to do that.

    1. Which is why the Republican Party doesn’t trust you enough to decide who their nominees will be. Neat how that works, huh?

  2. And yet they seem to want my vote and especially(!) my money. Funny how that works. They’ll get my vote and my money when they put up candidates that I trust, and not before. Nominating people who actually act and vote like they believe in limited government and the Republican Creed would be a good place to start. NOBODY gets a blank check, and if the Republican Party can’t live with that, they’ll go without my support.

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