Ciampaglio pledges not to raise taxes if elected Delegate



Tim Ciampaglio, who will go head to head against former Delegate Mark Dudenhefer for the Republican nomination on June 9th ( 2nd Delegate District), said he would sign a pledge to not raise taxes as Delegate.

In an  interview with Potomac Local Ciampalio stated:

“The tax burden on businesses and the tax burden on people is way too high…[I’m] going to sign a pledge…that I will not raise taxes and I won’t introduce new taxes. We need to level it off and stop it. And then we can look, and if we need more money, we can increase the tax base – not the tax rate,

Ciampaglio a retired United States Coast Guard Commander has a battle ahead of him, he has to go up against Dudenhefer’s name recognition (though Ciampaglio is not a name to forget) and the former Delegates fundraising connections.

This is my District so I will be watching very closely