The 2nd Delegate District Primary match up is starting to heat up.. Dudenhefer wants to save you hundreds of thousands

Yesterday I reported that Candidate Tim Ciampaglio vowed to not raise taxes if elected to the House of Delegates, going as far as to say he would sign a pledge. Today former Delegate Mark Dudenhefer announces his “Lean Government Initiative”. This sounds very interesting, as always I will post his press release and you draw your own conclusion:



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April 22, 2015


Dudenhefer proposes Lean Government Initiative

Proposal can save Virginia Taxpayers Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars

Stafford, Virginia – Mark Dudenhefer, Republican candidate for Virginia House District 2, has proposed an initiative that can save Virginia taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The Lean Government Initiative is developed from a business philosophy that many businesses use to cut waste, save money, and constantly improvement efficiency. A handful of other states have implemented this initiative and have recorded savings ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars.

The Lean Government Initiative will do more with less, and help streamline government more like the private sector. Lean government models have been used in other states to cut down backlogs, use taxpayer money more effectively, and improve governmental processes to ensure peak performance.

Mark Dudenhefer has a proven track record of cutting taxes and reducing the size of government. He has proposed solutions like the ones below, not empty campaign promises.

Lean Government Initiative proposal:

  1. Direct the Inspector General to implement the lean government philosophy into state government.
  2. Train state government managers to learn and incorporate lean government at all appropriate levels of government.
  • Target government processes that will simplify and streamline procedures to reduce backlogs and cut down on waste.

“I have a proven track record of cutting taxes and reducing the size of government. If elected, I will propose legislation to implement lean government in the Commonwealth of Virginia. This initiative can save Virginia taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars; it’s time that the government starts operating as efficiently as possible,” said Dudenhefer.


11 thoughts on “The 2nd Delegate District Primary match up is starting to heat up.. Dudenhefer wants to save you hundreds of thousands

  1. Why didn’t Delegate Dudenhefer introduce that legislation when he had the chance to do so as a member of the House of Delegates?

  2. It’s unrealistic for any legislator to think they can pass an unlimited amount of bills per session. Look at DC, how many bills a year gets approved up there? So are you against his lean government idea or are you just complaining?

    1. I’m just wondering if Mr. Dudenhefer is so interested in reducing taxpayer burdens why he didn’t do anything about it when he had the chance to serve.

      He seems to be having a small government epiphany now that he’s in a primary.

      I’m pretty sure most legislators introduce more than six bills. In 2013, the other Prince William delegates were more active – Jackson Miller (12), Scott Lingamfelter (17), Bob Marshall (15), Rich Anderson (13).

      If he was a staunch advocate for conservative principles, why didn’t he act on them? Scott put in some great constitutional amendments. Bob went after contraception.

      Mr. Dudenhefer just seems like he’s posturing because Tim is acting like a real conservative. I’m not sure that constitutes “complaining.”

  3. A+ rating from the NRA, endorsed by family groups and NFIB. Delegate Dudenhefer voted to cut taxes at every post he has. He even voted to reduce his own salary as a supervisor. Maybe you want to get your facts straight.

    1. Exactly which tax did he vote to cut when he was a state delegate? They only raised taxes when he was there, and then cut the taxes he raised after he left.

      Did he ever actually succeed in cutting any taxes or just “voting” to cut them?

  4. Mark has my vote, he not only has a strong record but this plan of lean government is exactly what we need. The government needs to be more like the private industry. It’s to bloated and this sounds like a real plan to improve government and also keep taxes low. Bravo! Anyone can say they want to improve government but Mark has always proposed real solutions. I went on tim’s website to look him up, his website is the most vague website I have ever seen. You can say you want to keep taxes low and make government efficient but mark actually has a record of doing it and even has a plant to keep doing it. Tim seems like a nice guy but has offered no detailed solutions, or any solutions at all.

  5. How is telling the IG to implement the lean government philosophy a plan? It is already the IG’s job to optimize and run lean. If the plan is to make the existing authority do the job, is it safe to say that the existing IG is not doing it’s job? Perhaps, in this line of thinking, the plan should be to fire the IG have an independent investigation of the office and hold everybody that is responsible accountable. Now, is Mr. Dedenhefer ready to jump in the face of government fraud, waste, and abuse? It would appear not. You want to run on a platform of accountability then write a plan that makes sense.

    Your plan is not just lacking, it is insulting. No thank you Mr. Dudenhefer. You need to tear this up and start over. Any fool can make a plan and any fool can follow it.

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