John Guevara For Sully Supervisor

So, it’s been a little while since the shock and horror of MailerGate. Here are both mailers. The Schoeneman mailer came first:

Schoeneman Comparison Mailer

Then, a few days later, Guevara came out with his:

Guevara Comparison Mailer

…and this is the sort of thing where the establishment types like to cry victim, and of course, they did.

Both mailers undersold the records of their candidate’s opponents. Shocker. But it’s not Brian Schoeneman’s job to point out how pro-gun John Guevara is, any more than it’s Guevara’s to detail Litzenberger’s Air Force record. I also don’t have a problem with Guevara pointing out that Schoeneman’s kid attends a private school (although I would not have if I’d been calling the shots) at all. Ergo, it is my considered opinion that this is much ado about nothing, which the machine types behind Schoeneman are trying to turn into something. Moving on.

I wholeheartedly support John Guevara for Sully Supervisor, and I think he’ll make a fine candidate in the general election. He’s got the resources, the limited-government message, and the determination it will take to win in November. He wrote a piece earlier this week on his campaign, why he’s running, and his view on taxes, particularly the BPOL tax. This is kind of thing I want to see from politicians. Figure out what the problems are, and fix them.

John Guevara for Supervisor.

UPDATE: Apparently TB has been catching heat from Schoeneman’s partisans over this post, which has been up for oh, 15 minutes. It should be clear this is my personal opinion, not that of VV, but if not… this is my personal opinion in this piece. *SIGH*



5 thoughts on “John Guevara For Sully Supervisor

  1. “any more than it’s Guevara’s to detail Litzenberger’s Air Force record.”

    The man has a purple heart for defending out country. That is not a “detail”, that is a major service honor. To defend leaving that detail out is abhorrent.

    As for the kids going to private school, also a lie. Brian’s kids are not old enough to attend FCPS. Also, as conservatives, shouldn’t we be encouraging people to take their kids out of government run schools? Isn’t that the real conservative position?

    Brian’s comparison piece, while itself a hit job, is actually taking the positions off the website of the candidate. If his opponents do not have a post about that subject, that is on them.

  2. Not my part of the state. Don’t know much about the candidates. No dog in this fight. But there is no comparing those two mailers. Guevara was way, way, way out of line.

    What does private PRE-SCHOOL have to do with public schools? There is no such thing as public pre-school! The talk of kids in private school was deemed as below the belt on House of Cards. If you want to go to Frank Underwood levels of low-blows well you need to rethink your strategy.

    Lastly, if you are going to talk about your own service record, you have to fully acknowledge the other, not minimize it.

    The mailer was inappropriate at best, and should be apologized for, not defended.

  3. Which candidate is a union shill? Which candidate aided and abetted Democrat efforts to harvest enough votes to win the AG race by ignoring election laws? Which candidate went on Rachel Maddow to accept plaudits from the far left for doing so?

    The answer of course is Schoenman and the solution to the Schoenman problem confronting the party is to vote for anyone but Schoenman. Why give the Democrat Party the potential gift of a fugazi Republican who will give them air cover whenever they attack the GOP.

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