GUEST POST: 5 Reasons Not to Vote for Prince William Board of Supervisors Incumbents this Primary

By Tom Whitmore

Remember if you want truly effective government that serves the citizens well, you must Vote based on Performance not Personality. Don’t be roped into another “There you go again” moment!

-PWC has the highest county taxes in NOVA, period. They are among the highest few in Virginia. The PWBOCS tries to lull you with median and average tax bills of houses that cost more, but that’s B.S. The high R.E. tax rate is driving away big business and quality jobs to surrounding counties and we have to drive long commutes to get to them, 146,000+ of us daily.

-PWC is the only county with its own road building department in VA. Problem is you are already paying VDOT to build the roads but the PWBOCS is impatient so they charge you twice and do it themselves.

-PWC spends the least number of dollars per student of any other NOVA jurisdiction, 20% to 40% less, and it shows. Our kids have the lowest ACT, SAT and SOL scores.

-PWC has the most overcrowded schools in VA. Over the last decade we went from about 20 students to a staggering 31 per classroom because there weren’t enough funds to build enough new schools. Where did the money go, after all, we have the highest taxes? Roads, roads and more roads resulted in more houses, and more kids, which made our problems even worse. Ever heard of “Catch 22”?

-PWC has the lowest average wages paid in NOVA at $840.00 per week, well below Virginia’s average of $939.00, while Fairfax is at $1580.00, Loudoun is at $1244.00 and Arlington is at $1669.00 per week. PWC’s high R.E. tax and BPOL tax keep high paying employers from locating here.

The PWBOCS record is very clear. They brought us the highest taxes, worst schools, longest commutes, lowest wages and least opportunity, resulting in the lowest quality of life. We can and must do better! Do you really want more of the same, if not for you, how about for your kids?

Don’t be a prisoner. Break free of the Incumbent Re-election Protection Racket. Vote for really Lower Taxes, more High Paying Jobs, more Schools and a Brighter Future for Your Kids and community.

Now is the time when we must forget Right VS Left or Left VS Right and focus on Right VS Wrong!


One thought on “GUEST POST: 5 Reasons Not to Vote for Prince William Board of Supervisors Incumbents this Primary

  1. I have to disagree with you on your comments about more dollars means better scores on SATs, ACTs, SOLs, et al. It is a known fact that spending more dollars do not equate to better scholastic performance. This District of Columbia school system is a perfect example. There are many jurisdictions in the U.S. that have lower spending than PWC yet have better performance. Homeschooled students outperform their public school counterparts on tests. There is a lot of data on HSLDA website that confirms this. I’ve said this in many other forums and I’ll say it here. The PWC School System needs an independent audit. They should have never voted for pools in schools. That is going to be a big waste of tax payer money. The BOCS needs to get rid of the revenue sharing plan and make the school system adopt a zero based budget. Walt’s et. al. have been overspending for years and it is time it is stopped. Johns was just a yes man to him. Don’t come back to me about how the pools are not really going to cost more money. I know better. Also, think about this. All those little things that Walts overspends on add up!

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