Steve “The Rapman” Chapman Wins Woodbridge Supervisor GOP Nomination

Meet the Republican nominee for Woodbridge Dist. Supervisor, Steve Chapman, who was endorsed by Board Chairman Corey Stewart in today’s GOP firehouse primary.


3 thoughts on “Steve “The Rapman” Chapman Wins Woodbridge Supervisor GOP Nomination

  1. Are you kidding me? This is a joke…right? PLEASE? This actually creeps me out…about as appropriate as oven jokes at a Bar Mitzvah, and all the tact and class of a hand grenade. I am truly embarrassed for ALL of us..

  2. What’s the problem? If he’d been dancing to Taylor Swift would that be ok? The guy is having a bit of fun with his lady friend. A bit narcissistic, I think. But aren’t all politicians? Have you listened to the lyrics of the song? They’re a bit unsavory in parts, but the lyrics describe a guy pulling himself up from the gutter. Isn’t that what the Republican Party is all about, doing well for yourself wherever you came from?

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