Justice Delayed Once Again in PWC Planning Post Perv Case

Former Prince William County assistant planning director Ray Utz was arrested Nov. 19 and charged with four counts — two for “indecent exposure” and two for “simulated masturbation.” Details on the case can be found here and here.

Utz was set to be arraigned Dec. 2 on all four charges and was scheduled to have a motion hearing on Jan. 8, but there are no publicly available records beyond that on what actually transpired on those dates. Hearings on Jan 22, Feb. 19, and April 16 have all been continued with his latest court date now set for May 20. Meanwhile, InsideNOVA.com / Prince William Today have gone radio silent on the case – no updates, never a published mug shot.

Does anyone honestly think that any other pervert of this ilk caught doing the same thing would get such treatment? Of course not — those losers would have been convicted by now and probably done serving their time. But since Utz was a former high-ranking county employee both the local court system and media outlet sweep this under the rug and hope that residents will forget about it or will laugh it off.

The behavior Utz is accused of is that of a sex offender and people should be concerned about that, regardless of what the county’s “good ol’ boy” system thinks.