The 2nd District is starting to boil…. the battle of the plans

It looks like eyes will be on the 2nd Delegate District this year after all. We have been covering the back in forth in the second for the last week or so. Ciampaglio’s Op-Ed and Dudenhefers plan for a more efficient goverment. Well in today’s edition Tim Ciampaglio’s plan to have a more efficient government in Virginia. here is Ciampaglio’s plan for a more efficient government.

and in case you missed it, here is Dudenhefer’s plan

This race is going to be covered by V.V extensively and for now we will leave the reader to commentary ..this is going to be one to watch indeed.




7 thoughts on “The 2nd District is starting to boil…. the battle of the plans

    1. – No need for a debate. Mr. Dudenhefer wants to operate more “…like the private sector” but what experience does he have in the private sector? 30 years in the Marines, which he deserves our thanks for. He left in 2004 and was elected to public office in 2005. Not much time to learn the private sectors ways. He left public service in 2011 and that brings us to early 2015. It would seem, just looking at the facts, that Mr. Dudenefer has academic training and federal procurement training. How does any of this connect with the private sector? Looking at Mr. Ciampaglio, also a career military officer, he started a business based on bringing the advantages of identifying inefficiency to business leaders. Simply knowing that there is a problem will not fix the problem. Mr. Ciampaglio leads his clients to creating a path forward to improve. I have worked side by side with Mr. Ciampaglio in a variety of organizations and witnessed first hand the advantages of his leadership. If we want a leader in this arena, I would go with the guy that has grown a business in Stafford and practices what he preaches.

  1. Again…. not sure what it is with the Ciampaglio camp with false statements. Mark was a small business owner a couple years back. Do you homework or don’t make a statement.

    1. George – Enlighten us with facts instead of this vagueness that makes you look like a zealot instead of an informed constituent. Give us the facts, they are hard to debate. If you are the tip of the spear for Mr. Dudenhefer, get to work and give us the facts please or get out of his way. – Thanks!

  2. Andrew- Do your homework before you make a false statement is all I’m saying. The Ciampaglio camp has made numerous false statements.

    Fact- Mark was endorsed by the NFIB.
    Fact- Mark was a small business owner
    Fact- Mark was give the “champion of free enterprise award”
    Fact- A+ rating from the Virginia Chamber of Commerce

    All on his website and as a educated voter I look at both of the candidates and Tim has only proposed this plan after Mark did. I would expect you to do the same thing.

    1. George – you are being condescending for some reason. You are obviously very emotional about anybody daring to question anything about Mr. Dudenhefer. I asked a simple question to give us the facts. So I will ask again George. What business did Mr. Dudenhefer own? As far as doing my homework, I always do my homework. You stated the information was on his (Dudenhefer’s) web site. I have checked the his web site, other web sites, the State Corporation Commission, Virginia Courts, and more. I am not running for office so attacking me will not help your candidate. Just answer the question? What is the name of the business or businesses?

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