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As my wife Kay and I weighed whether or not I should run for office again, several thoughts came to mind. The first thought was a very unpleasant one, the reminder of why I first got into politics.  Kay and I lost one of our daughters in a tragic car accident that was a result of the unsafe, secondary roads we have in Virginia. This unbearable event led me to run for Stafford County Supervisor on a platform to fix our transportation woes.

Through my tenure as a Stafford County Board Supervisor, we made significant progress in easing this region’s transportation problems. We have made secondary roads safer, added commuter parking and widened 610, all while cutting taxes and reducing the size of government. As Chairman, we even passed legislation to lower the pay of the Board of Supervisors. Throughout my career, I’ve focused on cutting taxes to make government smaller and more efficient.

When I was elected Delegate in 2011, I went to Richmond to continue to improve our region’s transportation needs, but also to make sure that government works as efficiency as possible for Virginia families and businesses. In my two years as Delegate, I voted to cut taxes, balance the budget and put $700 million in the rainy day fund. I was directly involved in:

  • Extending the express lanes to Garrisonville Rd.
  • New Interchange and Widening of Courthouse Rd.
  • Widening of Garrisonville Rd.
  • Widening of Route 1.
  • Straightening & Widening of Mountain View Rd.
  • Adding over 1,000 parking spaces to the 610 Commuter lot.


In my short tenure in Richmond, I along with fellow House Republicans, defeated more than 2.5 billion dollars in tax and budget increases proposed by Democrats!


As Delegate, I was endorsed by the National Federation of Independent Business and was awarded “Champion of Free Enterprise.”  As a proud member of the National Rifle Association, I was happy to receive an A+ rating from the NRA. I also received a 94% rating from the Family Foundation of Virginia for my votes on protecting Virginia family values.

While I weighed my decision to run again, I asked myself, “What do I want to accomplish to further help Virginia families?” These are my reasons:

  1. After I left Richmond, the current Delegate who filled my seat failed to fight to keep the millions of dollars that was promised to this region to further fix our transportation problems. I have a proven track record of getting funds for this region and that will be a main priority of mine. I will be a leading advocate in getting the millions of transportation dollars that were promised to us.
  2. The government needs to operate as efficiently as possible. Every day reports come out regarding millions of taxpayers dollars wasted. It is a dereliction of duty by the government to waste our money and then turnaround and ask us for more. I have proposed what is called the “Lean Government Initiative” that has saved other states millions of dollars. It forces the government to run more like the private sector. Visit my website to learn more about this Initiative.
  • Lastly, I would be a consistent conservative voice for Virginia families. I believe we need to protect the 2nd amendment, our religious rights, and reduce the burden of government on our families.

I am proud of my record of conservative accomplishments, but there is still more to be done. At every level of government, I have cut taxes and reduced the burden of government for Virginia families. I’m not a career politician. I served my country for 30 years in the Marine Corps and consider myself a citizen public servant who aims everyday to make life for Virginia families better.

My opponent has thrown out fancy words and typical campaign talking points. However, he hasn’t proposed any real solutions and doesn’t have the record to match his rhetoric.

What we don’t need are grandiose bravado assertions made by an uninformed

novice. We need experienced leaders who have a track record of accomplishment. I am that person in this race.

Lastly, the Republican candidate in this primary must compete against a viable opponent who has already raised $30,000 and will have the support of his Democratic Party. I am the only candidate in this race who has the experience and record to compete with the Democrat opponent.

I look forward to earning your vote and if you wish to learn more about my candidacy, please visit my website at or follow me on Facebook or Twitter.


Mark Dudenhefer

Candidate for Virginia House District 02





6 thoughts on “Mark Dudenhefer defends his record OP-ED

    1. “This unbearable event led me to run for Stafford County Supervisor on a platform to fix our transportation woes.”

      This is really disingenuous. Stafford County “transportation woes” and the conditions of the rural road where your daughter died (narrow, windy) are two different things.

  1. No one is buying this load of BS, Dude. You say that you voted to lower taxes when you served as a Delegate? Really?? You inconveniently forgot to mention the fact that you voted for the largest tax increase in Virginia’s history, then turn around and claim to be a tax lowering conservative!?!

    You know what that makes you? A liar.

    And funny that you belittle your opponent as a novice, just after you brag about your supposed accomplishments as a novice.

    You won’t get elected. You’re a bought and paid for tool of Speaker Howell, and everyone knows it. You might get renominated because, as you so nastily point out, your opponent is a newbie. But you’re about to be a two-time loser in the General. You’ve so alienated your conservative base that we’ll be rid of you soon enough. Loser.

  2. I personally know Mark Dudenhefer. He is my friend and I think he was a GREAT Supervisor for Stafford County who worked hard for his constituents. I wish he would run again and represent our Garrisonville District. Yes indeed, Mark Dudenhefer cast a tough vote, but I am a conservative and I would have cast the exact same vote as he did. There are too many nay sayers in the conservative base who demand total perfection (as they see it), and if they don’t get it, they act like 12 year olds and throw a tantrum, as QC just did.

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