Barry Moore Strikes Again- This time he needs to be be called out!


Amateur hour is over. Barry Moore should drop out of the race for Republican Nomination in the 11th District Senate.  In his third flagrant foul, Barry Moore’s campaign has sent an entirely inappropriate attack e-mail against fellow conservatives Amanda Chase and Senator Steve Martin. The attack came from Moore surrogate former Chesterfield Sheriff Dennis Proffitt who sent the e-mail under the flag of Moore surrogate and current Sheriff Karl Leonard’s political campaign. Proffitt and Leonard are well known to be both the brains and brawn behind Moore’s campaign, and really are the only reason his campaign exists.

The attack is filled with unsupported ad hominem attacks on Amada Chase and Senator Martin, and the worst part is it flies under the flag of a picture of Ronald Reagan with a Leadership caption while absolutely violating President Reagan’s cherished 11th Commandment. The worst statement in the entire e-mail is the statement actually emphasized in italics by Moore:

Amanda is dishonest on a regular bases in statements she makes.

Woah, Barry… That is way out of line and borderline actionable as slander!  Further it is entirely inappropriate coming from the candidate who is using the NRA seal on flier while not being endorsed by the NRA!


Readers will remember Barry Moore’s first strike was his false-start in announcing his campaign on Facebook using liberal themes and odd psychobabble, then withdrawing the announcement.


His second strike was his unfathomable failure to vote in any Republican Primary on record.  Yet he has the gall to ask for voters to support him in a Republican Primary.  This strike alone should disqualify him.

Maybe these two mistakes could be forgiven as the bumbling of an unqualified, first time candidate, though you would think he would learn from them…

Instead he invokes Ronald Reagan in a vicious, rambling, unsupported attack e-mail while blatantly violating Reagan’s 11th Commandment.  And he did it with the knowledge and experience of Leonard and Profit – showing that it wasn’t a rookie mistake.  It was thought out, intentional, and thus even less appropriate.

Three Strikes Barry – bow out.

The e-mail in question can be seen below.

Moore Email


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