John Scott withdraws from the race for YRNF Chairman

Many were shocked and very much disappointed by Former Young Republican Federation of Virginia Chairman John Scott this morning, and his announcement that he was withdrawing from the race for National YR Chair. John broke the news to his supporters in an open letter on his facebook page:


I hope you are well.

Over the last several months, Peret, myself, and the rest of the team have traveled to 31 states spreading our vision of winning the youth vote and regaining the White House in 2016.

And that message has resonated. We have gained supporters from New Jersey to Arizona, Alaska to Minnesota, Virginia to Hawaii, Florida to Kansas, Massachusetts to North Carolina, and everywhere in between.

I spent every ounce of my time, talent, and treasure while serving as Virginia’s Chairman, and the same level of commitment will be required to make YRNF great again. Although I have been–and continue to be–confident that we would prevail in Chicago, God has shown us bold, new opportunities since we announced in January that I look forward to sharing with you about soon.

Therefore, after thoughtful consideration with the receipt of counsel from Peret and the rest of the team, I am making the decision to withdraw my candidacy as YRNF Chairman.

It’s not an easy decision. But I know in my heart it is the right one. I want to deeply thank the vast number of supporters, donors, and delegates that have supported me. It is incredibly humbling.

I am blessed during this process to have an incredible team that fought so hard for our shared vision: Michael Thulen Jr, Brandon Kenig, Trey Joy, Julia Rabadi, Matthew J. Pagano, Barbara Ann Fenton, Nicholas Stone, Chris McCoy, Tres Watson, and Jason F. Emert. I am truly thankful for your friendship and know you will be massively successful in whatever endeavor you choose–and one that I can hopefully help in whatever way.

But most important is my rock. I recall that my opponents would laugh at the idea of me picking the love of my life as my Co-Chairman candidate. In fact, one compared us to Hillary and Bill. Let me say this: Hilary Clinton ain’t got shit on Perét Pass. Thanks love for standing tough with me through all this.

In closing, I will turn my focus on serving out my final days as Southern Regional Vice Chairman. Our goal of 100% chartering in the South is only one state away, and we have aided reorganizing two additional states. We have helped charter a dozen new clubs in the South, facilitate coordination between states, and prepared our focus to the several Governor’s races this year–all of which are in the South.

Thanks again to everyone for their support and I look forward to seeing you soon.


John over the weekend graduated from Liberty Law School and i know whatever his next move is will be successful one. Good Luck John



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  1. My opinion: the clanking you hear in the background of this article are the skeleton bones in multiple closets. So that makes John the big winner here. Sound decision making.

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