Police Bicycle Ride Snarls Traffic In Eastern PWC

It was incredibly inconsiderate to schedule the Law Enforcement United Bike Ride for the morning rush hour along U.S. 1. Thousands of school children were late for school today along the Route 1 corridor in Prince William County (and in the public schools, today is the first day of SOL testing). Police closed off large sections of U.S. 1 at a time and denied egress from all neighborhoods while the bicyclists traveled north towards Washington, D.C. at their slow rate of speed. Thousands more people were late for work at Quantico Marine Corps Base as a traffic jam of enormous magnitude was created that spilled over onto every road from usually quiet residential streets to I-95 — there was even a helicopter hovering overhead.

While the ride is for a good cause, honoring police officers “who have died in the line of duty, and ensuring that their surviving family is supported and not forgotten,” they need to make sure that they never impact traffic like this again. The military veterans who participate in the Rolling Thunder motorcycle ride travel the same route on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend at around the same time of day — however, it is not rush hour and there is plenty of advance notification that it is taking place. Law Enforcement United should take notes on how to do this right.