Rumors Rumors Rumors …Ciampaglio endorsed Medicaid Expansion?

While being part of the blogger community, you have some pluses and minuses. The big plus being getting all the inside news and being part of the monster that is politics. The minuses are the nasty voicemails, emails and messages from political newcomers and also hacks. I also am a party to rumors and folks wanting me to spread rumors around using the blog. I the other day got a few folks telling me how Candidate for the 2nd District Delegate seat Tim Ciampaglio is going around endorsing the idea of Medicaid expansion, this of course, concerned me. So I asked him, his response is as follows a bit longer than a statement, but he wanted to clear it up:

I know firsthand the cost of health insurance, what I have to pay to cover myself and my family, and what it costs to bring someone on in the business. And that’s the first of many reasons why I don’t support Medicaid Expansion in Virginia, and why I want to find solutions to lower the costs of healthcare in Virginia. I’m looking to follow the leadership of Dr. Mark Berg, the Republican Delegate from the Winchester area.

I want to state my position clearly. I do not trust Governor McAuliffe. In 2014, his misguided, foolhardy attempt at Medicaid expansion derailed a General Assembly session. This happened largely because Republicans were not in control of the Senate at the time. When the Republicans regained control of the Senate in 2014, this past 2015 session went smoothly, with barely a whisper of Medicaid expansion being breathed.

I cannot control whether the Republicans control the Senate after this election, but I can control the fact that I will never vote to expand Medicaid. As a Christian, I want people to have access to health care, but Medicaid expansion is not the way to do it; economic expansion is. I would love to have more Virginians covered by health insurance through my work as a Delegate because that would mean that I’ve helped Virginia businesses expand so they could hire more Virginians.

Economic expansion happens when we get our budget under control, and my peak efficiency plan works towards that goal. The great byproducts of economic expansion are job creation, income growth, and through those two characteristics, people being covered by health care at work.

Medicaid expansion will work against everything I want to do as a Delegate, especially my primary issue, controlling the growth of the budget and finding peak efficiency in spending. Medicaid once took up “just” 5% of the state budget. It now takes up 19%. And as a believer in balanced budgets, and because Virginia is required to have one, the Medicaid budget growth takes away from the money we can spend on education. We need to work to get people off of Medicaid, not on it. If Virginia expands Medicaid, I can assure you the first two areas to suffer will be education and transportation. So, if you’re the parent of a Stafford or Prince William student, and you commute to work each day, I owe it to you to fight against Medicaid expansion or you’ll pay twice over through an inferior education for your child and a worsened commute.

Conservatives have advanced great ideas on lowering health care costs, especially coverage that can be sold across state lines. I want to explore conservative solutions to lowering health care costs, especially when those solutions help lower health care costs and allow businesses to operate more profitably.

Medicaid expansion works against my peak efficiency plan. Medicaid expansion puts more government into each one of your paychecks, and into mine. I am committed to blocking the expansion, and I will make every effort to make the 19% of the budget it takes up now a smaller figure.

It’s great to have him clear up his position, not only for the sake of himself but for the people including myself that live in the 2nd District. I have not and will not yet endorsed a candidate in this race, to the dismay of some, but when I do I want all the information first and the correct information, of course, is preferable.