The Critical Issue of 2016 is…

Cronyism and corruption.

Think about it: what is Hillary Clinton’s biggest weakness?

The public doesn’t trust her, and for good reason. She took money from foreign governments lobbying the State Department while she was Secretary of State; her Foundation took money for over 25 foreign governments. She and her cabal are as corrupt as they come, and fundraising is only a part of it.

This comes on the heels of the most corrupt Administration since Ulysses S. Grant. Solyndra, Lois Lerner, Obamacare, and the auto bailouts were but a few of the kickbacks to political supporters drummed up by the Obama Administration. That they came from Chicago should be no surprise, I suppose; that we allowed them to impose their corruption and cronyism on the rest of us is entirely our fault, however.

The American people have no faith in their political class. And this is coming to a head in 2016.

Take Back Our Republic is hosting a free event on foreign money in our political system on Monday, May 18 at 2:30 at the National Press Club in DC.

To get a head start on the biggest issue of 2016 and what can be done about it, check out this free event.



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