The Dangers of Cold Emailing For Endorsements

Here’s some advice for aspiring candidates — don’t just email every website you can find asking for their endorsement.

My name is Joe George and I am currently running for the Neabsco District’s position on the PWC School Board.  I am seeking endorsements from various groups and am interested in hearing what is important for you, so that I could earn that endorsement.  I can be reached at the email provided or via my cell phone (703-xxx-xxxx).  I look forward to hearing from you and potentially meeting with you.


Joe George

Mr. George then went on to provide his campaign website, which we found to be very interesting, but perhaps not for the reasons Mr. George thought we would.

joe georgeD’OH indeed…

Mr. George’s website has a banner for every school in the Neabsco district on a rotating basis at the top of his campaign website. While that looks nice, that surely violates county rules regarding the usage of official school logos and slogans — particularly since this is being used for political purposes.

That’s the end of the first class on Politics 101 for Mr. George. Thanks for playing, but you don’t get to come back tomorrow and you don’t even get a lousy copy of our home game.


2 thoughts on “The Dangers of Cold Emailing For Endorsements

    1. This violates the trademarks belonging to schools of the Prince William County Public School System. Furthermore, candidates for public office in the county are not permitted to use the official county seal in any campaign materials and I would be suprised if that prohibition didn’t extend to usage of school logos.

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