Kirwin steps in it on SD 14

Late this afternoon, Bearing Drift’s Brian Kirwin posted about the State Senate GOP primary in SD14 (Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Suffolk), blasting conservative challenger Bill Haley for supposedly sending out an email claiming support from the Chesapeake TEA Party.

The Bull Elephant has come on credible information that, not only did Haley not send out the email- the Chesapeake TEA Party itself did- but that the TEA Party also sent out an email clarifying that it invites all candidates to submit messages to share with their membership (including John Cosgrove). They were merely sending an email from Haley to their list, independent of Haley.

Further, the clarifying email was sent earlier in the day…. meaning that, not only did Kirwin post erroneous information, but that he did so knowingly. Kirwin’s company has received payment in the past from Cosgrove, according to VPAP.

More to come tomorrow on this developing story. Hopefully, Bearing Drift rectifies Kirwin’s lie with an apology to Bill Haley, a retraction, and punishment for Kirwin for knowingly posting a false story.

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One thought on “Kirwin steps in it on SD 14

  1. Kirwin is a lying hack, basically indistinguishable from Schoenman. They both suffer from a tortured relationship with the truth. Sadly, it will be a cold day in he’ll before BD ever prints a straight up retraction.

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