Will the PWC Planning Post Perv Finally Show In Court Tomorrow?

We’ve been covering the saga of former Prince William County assistant planning director Ray Utz (a.k.a. The PWC Planning Post Perv) since the story broke last November about his “extracurricular activities” that resulted in his arrest and four criminal charges against him (two for indecent exposure and two for simulated masturbation).

To no one’s surprise, this case has been continued five times so far. We’ve got our own theories on that here. (Heck, we still don’t even have Utz’s mugshot as the media used his official county photograph instead in their reporting.)

pee_wee_herman_mugshot[1]ray utz

(If we can get Pee Wee Herman’s mug shot for doing the same thing, why can’t we get Ray Utz’s?)

As we previously reported (and apparently no other media outlet covering PWC has bothered to), Utz’s next court appearance is scheduled for tomorrow, May 20. We now know that the hearing is set for 9 a.m. in Courtroom 4 of Prince William County General District Court located at 9311 Lee Avenue, Manassas, VA 20110-5586.

Tomorrow will go a long way towards telling whether Prince William County is truly in the big leagues or just another corrupt backwater county. If the media actually shows up to cover the hearing, if they get photographs of Utz walking into the court building and if the judicial system finally moves forward on this case, we will know that PWC is on the right track.

But if the media continues to carry the water for the county government by sweeping this under the rug (and this wasn’t Utz’s first run-in with trouble) and the court system punts on this case once again, it will be all too clear that the county is no better than many Third-World nations when it comes to government corruption and the equal application of justice.

We’ve already seen the county torch the First Amendment in recent days when it comes to political dissent by sending the police after a local blogger who was critical of the county executive (and hints that it was just the first part in a larger campaign.) Why should we expect this case to be any different?


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